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How to create salon booking WordPress website

How to create salon booking WordPress website

Are you a beautician, hairstylist, or salon owner? Do you want to start your own business to share your love of spa and beauty salons with the world? Are you create salon booking WordPress website? If so, you’re in the right place!  

You can make your unique mark on the internet by launching a website. It allows you to impact a whole new audience.

If you’ve ever had to deal with the inner workings of a salon, spa, or gym administration, you know how crucial a booking system is and how it makes reservation management easier.

You can also accept online payments with salon scheduling software. The salon software notifies you if the services have already been paid for. All of this without the need to make or receive personal phone calls.

In this article, we’ll go through the salon booking WordPress website and, the benefits of an online booking system, introduce a free WordPress salon theme and some plugins which help to create a perfect online salon booking system.

Why are you creating a booking website for your business?

If you are the owner of a salon, then a structured website can help you work better. Anyone can now create a salon website using WordPress, so there are no excuses for not having one.

Small and medium-sized business owners can use WordPress to develop a high-quality booking page without having to design a costly fully customized platform. You can also change the appearance of the website yourself at any moment.

Using a WordPress plugin for online appointment scheduling is the most cost-effective alternative. You already know this if you’ve done some research and looked into salon booking applications.

It manages reservations in an online booking system. Before the availability of such systems, salons had to track bookings and manage inventories using various spreadsheets and manually entering information.

With a salon booking WordPress website system, the salon’s owner can give a discount. This way, the customer will be more likely to make all of their appointments with the salon through the online booking link.

What are the benefits of using an online booking system?

Every online booking company’s goal is to increase order volume and profitability. However, without an online booking system, you can only be able to make bookings by phone or in person. An online booking platform is necessary. Here, we’ll discuss the benefits of online booking.

Appointment management simplified

One of the most significant benefits of adopting a salon booking WordPress website system is that it simplifies and streamlines the appointment management process. The business owner can set up their order data as they want. They can manage every ease of case from the backend.

Similarly, customer can manage their time slot, favorite hair stylist or beautician, and select any package. Overall, they can manage their appointment as they want.

Enhance efficiency

Salons that use a salon booking system can run more efficiently by automating processes like appointment reminders, client alerts, and even employee scheduling. This allows valuable staff time, which can be focused on providing quality services to clients.

Improve customer experience

A salon booking system improves the whole client experience by providing easy online scheduling. It customized profiles with service history and quick access to information about available services and prices. 

Customers value such a system’s flexibility and openness, which leads to enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Payment flexibility

An online booking system gives you more flexibility in the payment system. You can add your required payment gateway. Also, you can add a default gateway for customers. Customer can easily pay their bill. If they want they can choose card or cash.

Manage appointments from the backend

As an online booking system business owner you can manage appointments from the backend. You can see the graphical report like sales, booking, income, etc. You can add an unlimited number of service types along with their associated costs. 

This will make it simpler for customers to choose services based on the specific type of service they own. You can set a deposit or down payment. To finalize the booking, your customers simply need to pay the deposit amount. They can conveniently settle the remaining balance of the total cost after receiving the complete service.

How to develop an online salon booking WordPress website easily?

If you are a salon owner, this guide will help you create a successful food blog that reflects your unique voice and viewpoint.

To make it happen, take the following steps:

  • Install & Setup WordPress
  • Install and activate WordPress salon theme
  • Choose a booking plugin
  • Create a booking form using Plugin
  • Display booking form using shortcode
  • Setup form data using plugin backend settings
  • Start booking using the form
  • Manage your all booking from the backend
  • My Account for customer

Step 1: Set up WordPress

WordPress is a well-known content management system (CMS) that creates blogs and webpages. It has a lot of customization options and is easy to use.
Do you want to install WordPress on your own? How to install WordPress will help you to install WordPress.

Step 2: Install and activate WordPress salon theme

A salon booking WordPress theme defines how your website will look like. There are thousands of free and premium themes available. We’ll use it as we create the free theme template.
To install the theme, go to the WordPress admin dashboard and select Appearance > Themes.

wordpress theme select

Now, click on the Add new option.

wordpress add new theme

Search with the keyword Spa salon in the input field.

spa salon theme

Now, you can choose your favorite theme.

spa salon select

Then, you can click on the install button.

spa salon install

Need to click the “Active” button to activate the theme.

spa salon active

Now, you’re done with the theme activation. Click on the Customize option.

spa salon customize

You can click on the view demo option to see the demo template.

spa salon view

Now, you can see the demo template. Here is the live demo template from the front end.

spa salon display

Step 3: Which plugin are you using for the booking system?

When you need to decide to select a plugin for your booking website, you can choose a user-friendly and offers all the features necessary for your individual use case.

There are some plugins we’ll talk about:

  • Salonly: This plugin connects with a calendar system for scheduling purposes. It includes functionalities like online payments, service bundle choices and customer profile administration. This plugin helps with both clients and businesses, enhancing the convenience of scheduling and payment for customers.
  • Booknetic: Booknetic is another appointment scheduling plugin for WordPress. It allows you to customize and automate online bookings.
  • BookingPress: This plugin allows you to set the booking system according to your requirements. It has an easy-to-use interface and no need for coding.
  • Salon Booking System: This plugin is easy to use for an online appointment system. You can view your monthly, weekly, daily, and assistant form back-end calendar.

Recommendation: One of the most feature-rich plugins that meets all these above requirements you need is the Salonly salon booking plugin. This plugin offers many more advanced features.

Step 4: How to create a booking form using Salonly Plugin?

With the “Salonly” online salon booking WordPress plugin, you’ll have complete control over all features. This plugin includes fantastic front-end service booking forms, as well as back-end customizations and a customer schedule calendar.

salonly display

In this phase, we’ll talk about downloading the Salonly ZIP file from the user account and collecting the license key.

1. Download the plugin ZIP file and collect the license key

First of all, you need to go to ThemeDev Account. Then, give your username and password. Click on the log-in button.

my account log in page

Then go to the dashboard and click the Download option to download the Salonly ZIP file.

my account download

Now, you can download and store the ZIP file on your computer.

my account salonly

Now, you need to go back to the dashboard and click on Products.

my account products

Then, you land on the Manage Products page and click on Licenses.

salonly license

Now, you can get your licenses.

got license

This is the process of getting licenses and downloading the ZIP file.

2. Install the plugin and activation

Navigate to the WordPress admin dashboard and go to Plugins > Add New.

add new plugin

Select the Upload Plugin option.

upload plugin

Then, select the Choose file button.

upload plugin choose file

Now, select the ZIP file from your computer that you downloaded from your ThemeDev user account. We showed the full process in step 4.

salonly zip file

Click on the open button.

salonly unzip

After selecting the Salonly ZIP file, hit the Install Now button.

salonly zip file install

Click on the Activate Plugin button.

salonly active plugin

You need to paste the Salonly license key in the input field that you got from your user account. We showed all the processes in step 4.

salonly active license

Now, click on the Active license button.

salonly active license field

After activating the license, now you can see all of Salonly’s options.

salonly all field

Then, you can go Salonly settings page.

salonly setting

Now, you can land on the settings page and select the booking setting.

salonly booking setting

Step 5: Display your booking form

You can display your booking page in two ways. One of them uses a shortcode and another selects the booking page from drop down menu.

Here, we’ll show the two ways:

  • Using Shortcode
  • Select booking page 

Method 1: Display your booking page by using shortcode

First of all, you have to copy the code.

salonly booking single form

Now, you can go to the Pages > Add new page.

salonly add new page

Give a title for your page.

salonly booking title

Then, select the shortcode block and paste the code in this field.

single page shortcode

Click on the Publish button.

single page publish

If you want to see your page then click on the View Page button.

single page view

Now, you can see your booking page.

single page front end view

Note: You can use the shortcode anywhere. According to the use of a shortcode, you can see your booking page. You can use it bottom or middle or anywhere that you want.

Method 2: Display the booking form by selecting the page from drop-down menu.

Now, you can create a new page. Pages > Add New page.

single page add new page 2

Now, you can add a title for your page.

salonly booking 2

Click on the publish button.

salonly booking publish

You have to go back salonly setting page. Now, you can create a single form page by selecting drop-down.

salonly booking display form page

Now, select the form position on the page from drop-down menu.

form position in page

Click on Save All Changes.

single form setting save

Now, you can see the website look.

salon booking service type

Step 6: How to set up booking form data using plugin settings

From your booking form data, you can manage all the booking, information like service type, service item, packages, time and date, team member, and a custom data field. Now, we’ll show the backend setting process in detail.

Setup service types

Now, you need to click on Salonly > Setting.

salonly setting

At this phase, you can see the Salonly Form Data page.

salonly setting form data

Now, you need to click the Service type option and can see items of services.

form data service type

Now, you can customize the service items easily, modify item prices, item names and provide discounts. You can also add new items and delete them.

If you want to display the default select, then enable this switch.

salonly default select

You can apply Conditional logic with your packages.

salonly conditional logic set

After that, you need to click the Save Changes button for changes and you can display a preview.

salonly save from data

Add and manage extra service items

From the form data page, you need to click on the Service items option.

form data service items

You can add/remove service items, set up item prices, and provide discounts. If you want to default display those items, then you can enable the switch button.

salonly-service item default set

You can also set conditional logic (service type-wise) to display service items.

form data service item conditional logic

After all data inserts are complete, you can display the changes preview, and then you can click on the Save Changes button.

service item save changes

Setup and manage packages

Now, you need to click on the Packages option.

form data team member

You can land on the packages page. Now you need to create a new package. Click on the Salonly > Packages option.

team member enable section

Now, click on the Add New button to create a new package.

team member new page

Then, you need to give the package title and basic setting.

team member title

Now, you can set package prices.

team member price set

Then, you need to set the package item. So, click on the Add items option.

team member add items

After adding this item, you need to click the Publish button to create the package page.

team member publish

Now, you can see the new package in your backend Packages form.

team member display

Setup and manage booking schedules

Now, you can go back to the setting option. And again go back Form Data page. Click on Setup time.

data form set up time

Now, you can add/remove your setup schedule for booking, customers can choose any available time.

set up time

Now, click on the Save Changes button to save changes.

time set up save

Set team members to provide services

For setting team members you need to click on the Team member option from the form data page.

team member setting

Now, you can add/remove your team members to provide service. You can set schedules for each member.

add team member

After adding/removing a team member, you need to click the Save Changes button.

add team member save changes

Payment Setting

From the Booking settings page, you need to go to the payment settings page to set your payment method, payment gateway, default gateway, etc.

Now, you can click on the Payment & Settings.

payment and setting

At this phase, you can land on the payment page. And you can enable the Enable Payment option.

enable payment

Then, you need to select the Currency from the drop-down. You can select your desired one.

select currency

Now, you can select your payment gateway. If you want, you can select one gateway or select all of them.

select payment gateway

Then, you need to select the default gateway. With a select default gateway, customers will be more benefited.

select default gateway

Then, you need to save all the changes. So, click on the Save Changes button.

payment save button

Thank you page settings

From the Setting page you need to go to Payment & Settings.

thank you page

Then scroll down the page and now you can see the Thank you page setting.

thank you 1

You can create the Thank you in a way: 

Now, we can show one method for creating a thank you page. You need to go to the Pages > Add New Page.

thank you add new page

Then, you can click the Add New button to create a new page.

thank you new page add

You need to add a title for the new page.

thank you page title

Now, you need to click on the Publish button.

thank you page publish

You can go back to Salonly > Setting. > Payment & Settings. Now, go to the Thank You page setting. You can click on the Display form in the page drop-down and select the page.

select thank you drop down

After selecting the page, you need to click on the Save Changes button.

thank you save button

Note: Customer can see order details after submitting booking and automatic redirect to thank you page.

Step 7: Now, Start booking using the form from the front end

After creating your booking page. Now, you can book your appointment. First of all, you must select the service type.

front end service type

Then, you can choose your service items from the Service Menu option.

front end service menu

Now, select the service packages.

front end package

Then, select the date.

front end select date

After selecting the date, you can choose your flexible time and favorite therapist.

front end select therapist

Now, You must give your personal information for booking your slot.

front end  personal information

Now, you can see the payment option.

front end payment method

You can hit Confirm Booking.

front end booking confirmation

After clicking on the confirm button, you can automatically go to the Thank you page.

thank you display page

Step 8: Manage your all customer’s bookings from the backend

Now, you need to go Salonly All booking option.

display all booking

Click on your booking email.

email select

Now, you can see the display page.

display customer data

Note: Salonly gives more settings options to maintain the booking page from the backend.

Step 9: My Account for Customer Dashboard

My account is for users. You can manage your order from this account. For creating a user account the two ways are available. You can select the one.

Two ways to create a My Account:

  • Using shortcode
  • Select the page

We’ll show you select the page method. Now, you can go to Salonly > Setting page.

my account 1

Then, you need to go to the Pages > Add New page.

my account add new page

Now, you can add your title to the title field.

my account title

Then, click on the Publish button.

my account title publish

At this phase, you need to go back to your Salonly > Settings. Then select your page from the drop down.

my account title select

Now, you can set your page position. The page position will be before content or after content. It’s totally up to you.

my account before content

Now, you need to click on the Save Changes.

my account save button

Now you can see the font end view your My Account.

my account front end display

Note: From your account, you can manage every detail of your order from the front end.


You can gain better outcomes in your business if you have a working beauty salon booking website. You will not only save time, but you will also make the booking process easier for your consumers.

It is simple to integrate a salon booking system into your WordPress website. You are not required to write code from the ground up. All you have to do now is install the plugin we just discussed and configure it to your desire.

If you like this article, please subscribe to our YouTube channel. We have WordPress video tutorials. You can also connect to our Twitter and Facebook accounts to keep abreast of the latest updates, news, and more offers.

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