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How to Create a Booking Summary for Cleaning Service Booking 

How to Create a Booking Summary for Cleaning Service Booking 

In this new era of online platforms, your cleaning service provider company must have a perfect website. This website will help you to grow customers by providing the scope of booking cleaning services for particular cleaning purposes without any hassle. In this purpose to get more attention provide a booking summary for your customers.

Now it depends on you how many facilities you provide through your website for the customers. You can use a variety of cleaning service booking plugins on your WordPress website to address this problem. To solve this issue, you can use a number of cleaning service booking plugins on your WordPress website.

The most important fact is that you can check the whole summary of the booking through a perfect WordPress plugin for cleaning services. We will mainly focus on the cleaning service booking summary in this article. 

Expand your cleaning service provider business. 

Naturally, you must maintain an online presence if you want to grow your cleaning service provider company. The WordPress website is the first to offer this kind of platform when it comes to internet platforms. If you have an organized WordPress website, you can easily offer cleaning services as your product.

Making a website for a cleaning company is simple, but scheduling appointments and managing calendars is difficult and time-consuming. You can utilize a variety of cleaning service booking plugins on your WordPress website to address this problem.

Cleaning services are essential to keeping a space organized and spotless. People lack the time to complete cleaning activities as a result of their hectic schedules and obstacles. Customers must find a cleaning service provider in this case and make a cleaning service reservation.

Everyone wants a competent cleaning service in addition to a smooth and efficient service booking procedure. If you want to provide this service, all you have to do is keep your website updated with useful tools for managing calendars and appointments.

You can incorporate functional themes and plugins into your WordPress site to offer a quick and easy booking process for cleaning services. In that scenario, a WordPress plugin would be your best option if you’re looking for some features and amenities.

What function does the cleaning services plugin serve?

The WordPress cleaning service plugin allows customers to schedule appointments online, which lessens your daily workload. The effectiveness of your house cleaning business will increase.

With the aid of this cleaning service provider plugin, you can successfully offer cleaning services as a business owner. It will allow for stress-free corporate growth.

The plugin’s main goal is to increase consumer engagement. The advantages of using such a strong WordPress plugin are detailed below.

  • It saves time to be able to quickly make reservations for appointments without speaking with you or your staff directly.
  • Select the type of service, the worker performing the service, and the service.
  • To make a reservation from any device, use a responsiveonline booking for cleaning services form.
  • When they specify the days and hours that work best for them, the booking system will only provide time slots that are available.
  • Indicate the necessary contact details.
  • Get an email and SMS confirming their online reservations.
  • Send yourself a text to remind you of an appointment.
  • To use these plugins, you don’t need to have any programming or coding experience.
  • You’ll save a ton of time as a result.
  • Your company will grow in popularity as a result of providing your customers with an easy option to make bookings.
  • Gain more visitors to your website.
  • Assist you in managing and setting up appointments. You won’t need to hire any more workers as a result.
  • Enhance sales.

How can I create an online booking system for cleaning services?

By using a good cleaning service booking plugin, you can explore your website. In my opinion as a user, this is the best approach to offer all the online booking for cleaning services.

Choosing the cleaning service booking form plugin for your website that may benefit you in every manner is now the major and most crucial step. 

Introducing Cleanly, a plugin for arranging online booking for cleaning services that comes highly recommended.

For customizing and organizing online reservations, Cleanly is the best appointment scheduling plugin for WordPress. The WordPress appointment scheduling plugin offers thorough cleaning service booking forms and payment options, increasing occupancy and enhancing customer service.

Most importantly Cleanly provides a cleaning service booking summary for your convenience.

Let’s check out the features. 

Single Form Settings: On your website, you may embed a single cleaning service booking form anywhere and edit the specific fields from the plugin backend. WordPress [short code], Elementor Widgets, and Gutenberg Blocks are all included in page builders.

Multistep Form Settings: A Multistep cleaning service booking form can be added anywhere on your website, and the online booking for cleaning services plugin backend allows you to edit individual options. WordPress [short code], Elementor Widgets, and Gutenberg Blocks are all included in page builders. Additionally, new layout and design possibilities for multi-step forms are integrated.

Booking Summary: You can examine your booking preview, total amount, sub-total, and total discount based on your booking information. You can move the Booking Summery box anywhere on your body and enable and disable Booking Summary.

Add / Delete Form Data: Data gathered from your client on the cleaning service booking form can be added and removed. Your online booking for cleaning services can be customized to your services. The ability to design completely personalized forms is the most significant feature.

Dynamic Form Setup: Both single form sections and multistep cleaning service booking formtabs can be turned on and off. Your websites will have a dynamic form that is totally customizable. Use the shortcode anywhere else to use the form. 

Calculation in Real Time and Positioning Box: You can see a live analysis based on your booking information. Such as total booking amount, discount amount, and Net total. Also Summary Calculation Box Positioning in the Body.

Check the Cleaning Service Booking Summary with Cleanly 

If your WordPress website provides online booking for cleaning services, you must have to look for the booking summaries. By checking a booking summary you can get an idea about preview, total amount, sub-total, total discount, etc according to your booking information. 

Cleanly provide the feature of booking summary that will work for gathering acknowledgment about booking details for your customers. You can also locate the booking summary box anywhere on your website. And from the box customers can have all the details about their booking at a time. 

Let’s have a look at Cleanly’s Booking summary details. 

If you want to provide a booking summary box in the front portion of your website. You must enable the option for Booking summary for the backend admin panel. Go to the cleaning service Booking Form and turn on the switch for the booking summary. And set the position, title, and layout of the booking summary box according to your demand. 

After activating the booking summary and locating a booking summary box your customer can see all the booking information in the booking summary box. 


There are a few cleaning service booking plugins that provide booking summaries for customers’ convenience. But you can be assured that Cleanly is doing the perfect job by providing a booking summary box in the front portion. This feature is very helpful to growing your customer’s attention as this makes the overall booking process very easy and smooth. 

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