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How to add the licensing system into WordPress Theme or Plugin 

How to add the licensing system into WordPress Theme or Plugin 

When you are an owner of a WordPress website or working with themes and plugins, you must ensure secure access to any plugins or tools. Because your themes, plugins, or other content can be stolen or crushed for creating negative issues. 

To solve this problem and make secure use of every piece of content, plugins, and themes, you must need to maintain a multi-domain license management system.

You must have created a number of plugins, themes, or pieces of content as a developer or site owner, all of which run the danger of being stolen by others.

It’s not at all easy to find a WordPress licensing manager that satisfies your expectations, though. You must choose the qualities you want from the license management system you select.

In this article, we will talk about licensing systems and the adding process of licensing systems into WordPress themes or plugins with an efficient WordPress plugin NextLi

What Is A License Key?

When a software item is stored in a database, ownership can be verified using the license key. This type of software security technology, when used appropriately, prevents unlicensed access to the software by enabling businesses to halt illicit copying and distribution.

A license key is an access key for WordPress plugins and themes. Any new plugins or themes you buy must have a license key to be activated.

Remember that the URLs of your websites are tied to your licensing key. The licensed URLs can access the product and receive author updates in addition.

A complete license key creation, activation, and checking system is provided by WordPress software licensing. It enables you to give customers license keys for your WordPress goods so they can properly license and activate their copies of the software.

Additionally, users need to have an authentic and active license key in order to get automatic theme/plugin updates and support for your items.

Whether you sell WordPress plugins, themes, or any other form of software, such as desktop applications and video games, the software license add-on will be a huge benefit for you and help you expand your business.

Therefore, if you are a developer worried about your software being copied, transferred, or otherwise used illegally by non-licensed users, adopting a software license management for your WordPress products might be beneficial to you.

Add licensing systems with the most feasible plugin?

An attractive user Dashboard is provided by the NextLi Easy Digital Downloads License management system, which also manages multi-domain licenses and makes checkout simple.

The ideal WordPress license management system plugin has functions for handling subscriptions, conducting and grading quizzes, receiving money, and maintaining the content of your online courses, among other things.

To make sure that your company complies with all required enterprise licensing and end-user license agreements, NextLi is important. Effective NextLi keeps track of all this and offers tools that might assist your firm in avoiding software license violations and the fines that come along with them.

You can use NextLi as a plugin manager in the following step. It is a comprehensive WordPress themes and plugins manager that may assist you in managing your plugin’s license, download and activation statistics, sales, and more.

Protect your products with a WordPress plugin NextLi.

If you want to secure each license information and generate a cache with log history into your server, activate such an effective plugin in your WordPress site. You will get proper security services with plugins. 

Among available softwares, plugins and other systems, NextLi is the preferable one. As some of the other plugins are more expensive and have less features and functionalities.

I’ll highly suggest a WordPress plugin licensing management program known as NextLi for your convenience as a user because it’s really easy to use, has a ton of helpful features, and will cost you as little as a business can bear.

Let’s have a look at its features. 

Store Licence Data: Utilize the NextLi plugin to create a cache with log history on your server and save each license’s details.

Generate license keys: In essence, NextLi generates a unique license for each distinct domain, and the user is only permitted to use the license it produced for the domain.

Customer Dashboard: Customers can access a customer dashboard option in NextLi where they can download product files, receive order confirmations, and more.

Plugins Settings: For controlling User Dashboard and Other Features, use NextLi’s settings.

Multi-Domain License: To control both single and multiple licenses for each transaction. Add several domains, and purchase fresh licenses for each one.

Connect with Server: NextLi will include additional functionalities not present in this plugin, such as API files to interact with your server.

Provide APIs: NextLi offers an API to verify a product’s license. The user can activate or revoke licenses via the API.

NextLi is perfectly designed to handle these tasks, so the developers may concentrate solely on their coding or other development-related responsibilities. Other analyses or managerial considerations have little impact on them. NextLi will handle all of the jobs for them.

Managing licenses is a big issue for developers. Once you have accessed the NextLi into your WordPress site, though, you can benefit from many of its capabilities. such as license management, continuous deployment, and email integration.

Before adding a license to the plugins, you must first activate the licensing key in NextLi. Here are the comprehensive instructions for using NextLi to add a plugin license.

How to add NextLi into your site?

NextLi is such a plugin that allows you to sell digital products with WordPress. To add this flexible plugin to your website first of all install the plugin and activate it. 

Keep reading to know the details of NextLi to your WordPress. 

After completing  the activation process of NextLi, you will get a User Dashboard, Display Menu, Display Products, API settings. Access all the features to set the form position, shortcode to display the Dashboard, Menu, Products and API Setting. After making all the changes that you need click on the Save All Changes button and you will get your desired Dashboard . 

Here you can see the Dashboard. In Dashboard there are all the products to be managed for license. You can pick any product from here. 

In the portion of License here are the products that are managed for license. Every license regarding details for each products are available in the License section

You can manage licenses for any product. Get the license for a particular plugin  after adding domain. 

After managing the license for every required product. Download the product the this section and add it to your WordPress site.

Final thought about NextLi

The configuration of access control, the sale of course subscription packages, and other tasks are made simple by their robust NextLi rules. You also receive other helpful features like content dripping, group memberships, protected file management, reminder emails, and more.

It smoothly connects to more than a thousand different email marketing automation services as well as all major payment processors.

You can compare the top WordPress LMS plugins in this article along with their benefits and drawbacks, we hope. Additionally, you might be interested in reading our review of the top chatbot programs and our guide to the essential WordPress plugins for business growth.

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