How to add Google map in WordPress Websites

How to add Google map in WordPress Websites

Don’t you think Google Maps is essential for your business? 

Displaying Google Maps on your website can make it easier for users to find your location if you run a business. When you add Google Maps to your WordPress site, it will help to attract your customers and find your location.

As a result, you may be able to draw in more website visitors by increasing the visibility of your website in search engines. 

In this article, we will discuss adding Google Maps to the WordPress website.

Why is Google Maps essential?

A web-based tool called Google Maps offers comprehensive data on places and regions all over the world. Along with standard road maps, Google Maps provides aerial and satellite views of many locations.

If you have an office or store address, Google Maps makes it simple for users to find your physical store quickly. This both increases your customer base and boosts revenue.

1. Google Maps Aids Customers in Locating Your Business

Google Maps will help your customers find your shop’s or company’s location. It is important to build trust in your brand and company.  It will also save customers’ time in finding your location and encourage them to visit your shop frequently.

2. Google Maps Makes It Easy for Customers to Contact Your Business

Users can view a detailed index of your company, including your company’s phone number, when they view your Google Maps listing. They can call your company with just one tap because the majority of Google Map searches are done on phones.

Because Google Maps is frequently used as a decision-making tool, the platform gives users the chance to quickly get in touch with a company, ask them questions, and then decide whether to visit or not. It makes it simple for users to move forward and for businesses to communicate with potential customers directly.

3. Google Maps Encourages People to Visit Your Location or Website.

While providing a business phone number, Google Maps also highlights other contact or visiting information. For businesses that sell services or products that require more research or are larger purchases, the Google Maps listing links directly to your website. Users can research and learn more about the company in an easy-to-access manner. Users can easily access information to conduct research and learn more about the business.

4. Google Maps Displays Your Business with Images

Users nowadays are infatuated with images. Images can quickly influence a decision when researching or assessing a company.

Sometimes customers take a look at your store and make the decision to get some product or service from you. Neat and clean images of your company make them visit your store and gather more traffic on the website. 

5. Google Maps Offers Customer Credibility Through Reviews

Nothing builds brand trust like social validation from others, and the most effective way to do so is through online reviews, which Maps displays in the profile listing.

Google Maps’ commercial credibility includes:

  • Ratings based on stars
  • Written feedback
  • Images that were submitted

Both website and physical store traffic are stimulated by the Maps platform.

Let’s move on to the point and learn about adding Google Maps to your WordPress site.

How to add Google Maps to your WordPress website?

There are many ways to integrate Maps into your website. These are the top three choices, so let’s look at them:

  • Add a store locator app.
  • WordPress plugin installation.
  • Without using a WordPress plugin.

In this article, we will mainly focus on installing a WordPress plugin to add Google Maps. 

The procedure for adding Maps using a WordPress plugin is given below,

  1. Create a map by going to Google My Maps.
  2. Make your map public
  3. Create an embed code for your map.
  4. Insert your Google Maps API key into the embed code.
  5. Insert the embed code into the Text tab of your WordPress page editor.
  6. Save your page after previewing the map.

This method is effective for displaying a simple Google Map on your website. However, WordPress plugins like Store mapper offer more options if you’d like extra features like additional locations, unlimited driving directions, and so on. 

Any of these three methods will enable you to add a Map that shows your company’s location precisely.

Adding Google maps with the most efficient plugin

If you are ready to install a suitable plugin to add Maps to your website, then the first thing is that you have to choose the right plugin that can serve your purpose properly. In light of this fact, I would highly suggest the amazing plugin gooMaps for your WordPress site.  To add this customized Google map, map widget, or store locator to your WordPress posts and/or pages, simply use the provided shortcode.

Let’ s go through some features of this plugin that can provide assurance about the benefits of this plugin.

  • The most user-friendly map plugin is gooMaps, which provides maps that can be customized and range from basic to advanced. Any map you can imagine can be made with gooMaps. There are numerous such maps that you can incorporate into your websites.
  • You can make sophisticated maps for your business locations using gooMaps’ super functions so that customers can find them easily.
  • Give users the option to use their map location as the direction’s beginning or end. Your directions can have however many waypoints you require. There may be a separate map marker for each waypoint.
  • Routes between locations can be easily created and viewed on a map by site administrators. Simple backend customizations can be made to the route’s user interface.
  • WPML is unquestionably compatible with our gooMaps plugin, which supports multiple nations. As a result, using a guided marketing strategy makes people from all over the world feel more comfortable.
  • The display of various maps on one page can be easily done by site administrators. Our plugin produces 100% responsive maps on every single one.

I will now put some light on the way of adding gooMaps on your site. 

How to add gooMaps to your WordPress site

If you are interested in adding Google Maps using a plugin, then you should get the plugin and access it using a particular process. Follow the required process of using gooMaps.

Step #1 

Get the amazing plugin, then install and activate it.

Step #2

You must click on “New Map” to add a new map with a new location. You can also import a required map by clicking on  Import Map and submitting it.

Step #3

When you are adding a new map, add title and set all necessary requirements from this portion.

Step #4

Most importantly, copy this shortcode and set it where you want to add the Google map.

Step #5

To connect with the Google Maps API, go to the Settings tab. From API Setup, you will get the API key

Just below you will find another Settings tab that allows you to set Default Map Marker, Map’s width, and height.

Most importantly, don’t forget to save all the changes that you have made. To save changes, click on the Save All Changes button.

Final Thoughts

To run a perfect business and make it more available to customers, you must add Google Maps to your WordPress Website. And for this reason, you have to follow an easy and efficient process for adding a map using a plugin. So why the delay. Make a great deal with a suitable plugin and have a Map to display your customers the right way. 

Provide a better Google Maps on your site with gooMaps that serve all your purposes.

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