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Fluent CRM alternative: The Best Email Marketing Tools

Fluent CRM alternative: The Best Email Marketing Tools

Are you looking for the most effective way to get started with WooCommerce email marketing?

WooCommerce makes it simple to start a store. However, you need to have a solid email marketing strategy in place if you want to attract customers and keep them as loyal customers.

You can choose the best plugin for you by reading this post.

Why is email marketing support for growing your business?

To become an online business owner and maintain a healthy WooCommerce store, you must work on your marketing strategy and branding. Now it’s time to choose the right method of marketing that will be able to give you the maximum results.

At this point, email marketing can be the perfect marketing strategy for your online business branding.

You can provide all updates, sales, and new products to their customer contact list using email marketing. 

Modern email marketing prioritizes consent, segmentation, and personalization rather than one-size-fits-all mass mailings. The majority of the work is done for you by marketing automation, but it might take a long time. In the long run, a successful email marketing strategy helps to attract your customers and boost your business. This marketing strategy also helps you to 

  • Survey your customers.
  • Nurture customers who aren’t ready to make a purchase yet.
  • Sell to customers who are prepared to make a purchase.
  • Promote other people’s products. and drive traffic to a new post or blog.

Email marketing plugin for WordPress 

When you are ready to follow the email marketing strategy for your WooCommerce store, you must add a plugin to your WordPress site. Email marketing plugins are for creating, sending, testing, optimizing, and reporting on email campaigns. 

You can choose such plugins that send emails through email service providers. Also, there are some plugins that add functionalities to your WordPress dashboard. 

It is important to select the right email marketing plugin for your WordPress website. Because a feature-rich plugin can fulfill all your requirements regarding email marketing. 

To select a suitable plugin, you must search for the following features.

  • mass distribution of email newsletters, marketing campaigns, and other materials.
  • Creating segmented contact lists.
  • It has the capacity to design and store email templates.
  • Having the ability to A/B test email campaigns.
  • Delivery of e-mail.
  • Options for customizing emails.
  • It has the capacity to create reports for email marketing.

Introducing one of the most efficient email marketing tools.


FluentCRM is a WordPress email marketing automation plugin that can be hosted on your own server. It is one of the simplest to use and has a variety of powerful and adaptable email marketing automation capabilities.

Let’s go through its features to get a clear picture of its compatibility. 

  • It provides perfect email-campaign management. Produce, compose, send, and convert messages to the target audience.
  • You can access basic contact information or even data from custom fields with FluentCRM. 
  • Select dynamic segments, add or remove lists and tags, or simply use custom queries to filter out contacts.
  • FluentCRM addresses this by handling leads individually and providing in-depth information on each lead.
  • All the information needed to analyze this data for customer tracking is presented on a plate by FluentCRM, including purchase history, email open rates, click rates, form submissions, etc.
  • Reach out to your audience with the individualized communication they deserve using FluentCRM’s extensive segmentation features.
  • You will have access to a global contact on-boarding choice with FluentCRM’s automated email sequences.
  • With the help of effective email marketing automation, you can convert visitors into buyers and buyers to grow your business.
  •  The user activities, funnels, sequences, and campaigns you run are all neatly analyzed by FluentCRM.

Fluent-CRM alternative NextCRM

You can see the convenience and effectiveness of Fluent-CRM. But when it becomes too expensive to use this plugin, then you will need to search for another perfect one. 

Nothing to worry about. If you are searching for an alternative to Fluent-CRM, which is enriched with all the important and flexible functionalities, you will get it at a lower price.

The affordable and user-friendly email marketing plugin for WordPress is NextCRM Email marketing can be used as a complete campaign solution. It is made to connect with subscribers at the most advantageous time and present pertinent offers. 

In my opinion, Next Campaign is the most practical plugin for creating eye-catching emails, growing customer lists, promoting services, and making sales all from within the WordPress admin using your preferred email sending gateway.

Several useful features, including Email Subscription, Compatibility with WooCommerce, Drag and Drop Campaign Builder, 3rd Party Multiple Providers Integration, Schedule Campaign, Campaign Reports, Manage Credentials, etc., can help you easily finish your email marketing process.

Here I present some important features of this plugin.

1. MailChimp, MailWizz, SendInBlue, GetResponse, and Active Campaign are just a few of the services that NextCRM integrates with.

2. Users can create multiple forms with various integrated providers and can customize or choose from pre-designed templates.

3. You are able to add and manage contacts with respective address fields under the specific list item.

4. This plugin makes managing campaigns incredibly simple. Additionally, users can create HTML templates for campaigns that will be sent via email.

5. Campaigns are simple to send, and anyone can do so by choosing from a variety of contact lists and emailing their targeted audience.  With just one click, you can send your campaign to thousands of email addresses.

6. Three different file formats, including txt, JSON, and CSV, are available for user export and import of contacts.

Let’s make a comparison

When you are thinking about using NextCRM as an alternative to Fluent CRM, you can be assured that NextCRM will serve you in the best way with its all-important features. Here are presented some common features that both are present in individual two plugins. 

Features & PricesFluent CRMNextCRM 
Relationship Management with Customers 
Manage Contacts
Email Marketing Campaigns
Multiple integrations
EDD integration 
Export/Import Contacts
Pricing $129/Year + Email Sending Service$79/Year + 6 site license

You can see here some basic features. Both two plugins provide these basic features. Not only these, but also a few more features that can serve all purposes regarding email marketing for your WooCommerce site. 

The most amazing thing is that you can have all these features, as well as NextCRM at a low cost. If you are searching for a feature-rich email marketing plugin as an alternative to Fluent CRM, then Next Campaign is the right one.

Final Words

Boost your online business’s effectiveness and recognition. With a perfect WooCommerce site and marketing strategy, you can give your audience information about your product to encourage them to visit your online store and buy it from you. To complete all of this, include the necessary plugin in your WordPress dashboard and make use of it to streamline and enhance email marketing.

So there is nothing to worry about if you can not be able to use Fluent CRM because of its high expense, NextCRM can be the solution to your problem. 

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