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How to create an online cleaning booking WordPress website

How to create an online cleaning booking WordPress website

Are you looking for the easiest method to set up an online cleaning booking WordPress website?

With an effective plugin, you can set up an online booking system for your cleaning service company. This blog is for you if you’re an experienced business owner or a cleaning service provider.

It might seem hard to establish an internet presence, particularly for newcomers. But don’t be concerned! 

Whether you run a small or larger cleaning company, you might need an online cleaning booking plugin for your website.

We’ll go over how to start an online cleaning service business WordPress website using a cleaning base Theme and some Plugins. This online system helps you manage your customer schedule booking.

Let’s get started on building an effective and user-friendly WordPress website for online cleaning reservations. This will be your ticket to a more prosperous business.

Why are you creating a booking website for your business?

Owning a cleaning service business? A well-organized website can improve your efficiency. Easily create one using WordPress. No excuses for not having a website.

Small and medium-sized businesses can use WordPress for a quality booking page without high costs. Change the website’s appearance whenever you want.

For cost-effective online appointment scheduling, use a WordPress plugin. If you’ve looked into cleaning booking apps, you already know this. It handles reservations in an online system, eliminating the need for manual tracking.

Customers can schedule and manage appointments using a plugin for online cleaning booking WordPress website. It sends reminders, updates staff calendars, and tracks customer data.

With a cleaning booking system, offer discounts to encourage customers to book online. 

What are the benefits of using an online booking system?

In this section, we’ll talk about the benefits of using an online booking system for your business.

  • Appointment management simplified: Adopting a system for online cleaning booking WordPress website offers a major advantage by simplifying appointment management. Business owners have flexibility in organizing order data and managing various aspects from the backend.
  • Enhance efficiency: Cleaning businesses employing a Cleaning booking system enhance efficiency through automation. Processes such as appointment reminders, client alerts, and employee scheduling are automated, freeing up valuable staff time. 
  • Improve customer experience: A cleaning booking system enhances the overall client experience by offering convenient online scheduling. It provides customized profiles with service history, ensuring quick access to information on available services and prices. 
  • Payment flexibility: An online booking system provides greater flexibility in the payment process. You can integrate your preferred payment gateway and set a default option for customers. This allows customers to easily pay their bills, offering the choice between card or cash based on their preference.
  • Manage appointments from the backend: As the owner of an online cleaning booking system business, you can manage appointments from the backend, accessing graphical reports on sales, bookings, income, and more. You can easily add an unlimited number of service types with their respective costs, simplifying the customer’s selection process.

How to develop an online cleaning booking WordPress website easily?

If you are a cleaning service business owner, you may want to create a WordPress website to create the best online platform for your customers. But you need to know the whole process of creating a perfect website with a proper online booking system. 

To complete this target you have to add a suitable and user-friendly cleaning booking WordPress plugin. Now we’ll share with you the steps to add the best cleaning booking plugin Cleanly to your WordPress site.

To make it happen, take the following steps:

  • Install & Setup WordPress
  • Install and activate the WordPress cleaning booking theme
  • Choose a cleaning booking plugin
  • Create a booking form using the cleaning booking WordPress plugin
  • Display booking form using shortcode
  • Setup form data using plugin backend settings
  • Start booking using the form
  • Manage all your bookings from the backend
  • My Account for customer

Step 1: Set up WordPress

When you are ready to create a WordPress website the first and foremost task is to install and set up WordPress. You have to go through some easy steps to install and set up WordPress. For your convenience, you can follow the blog How to install WordPress which will help you to install WordPress.

Step 2: Install and activate a WordPress cleaning service related theme

After installing WordPress, you need to organize your WordPress website with proper web pages, design and content. So, in this phase, you can install and activate a suitable WordPress theme that is relatable to the online cleaning booking WordPress website.  

There are so many free and premium themes available. We’ll use a free theme to show you the theme activation process. To install the theme, go to the WordPress admin dashboard and select Appearance.


Click on Themes.


Now, go for Add New Theme.


Search for cleaning service-related themes in the Search Bar


Select one theme and click on the Install button.


 After completing the installation click the Active button.

For convenience, we’ll use a template to create the website. Click on Starter Template


Click on Build with Templates.


According to our motive, we’ll click on the Local Business tab and select Cleaning Services from the drop-down menu.


Select a template.


When this page will appear, you can set up or customize your web pages. We’ll just select the button for Skip & Continue to create our cleaning service form.


Then hit the Continue button.


Click on the Submit & Build My Website button.


Here your website is ready to be customized.


You can see the primary look of your website with the View Your Website button.


Your website is ready with a template. Now customize your website and create a booking form.


Step 3: Which plugin are you using for the booking system?

When you need to decide to select a plugin for your booking website, you can choose a user-friendly and offers all the features necessary for your individual use case.

You can find so many plugins to create an online cleaning booking WordPress website. But you need to choose one that has all kinds of booking system-related functionalities.

There are some plugins we’ll talk about:

  • Cleanly: For customization and automation of online reservations, Cleanly is the best WordPress appointment scheduling plugin. The WordPress appointment scheduling plugin offers thorough booking forms and payment gateways, which increase occupancy and enhance customer service.
  • Booknetic: This plugin is simple to set up and manage, also completely customizable, and mobile-friendly. Because of its adaptable design, all users of devices can access your services whenever they’re needed. Customers can look for open time slots, make appointments, check their calendars, and adjust their schedules as necessary
  • Cleanto: The cleaning service booking system from Cleanto can be used by a variety of businesses because it is very reliable, flexible, and affordable. All service-related businesses, such as janitorial scheduling, handyman services, window cleaning, domestic, carpet cleaning service scheduling software, and on-demand maid services, are best suited for it.

Recommendation: One of the most feature-rich plugins that meet all these above requirements you need is the Cleanly online booking system for cleaning service. This plugin offers many more advanced features.

Step 4: How to create a booking form using Cleanly Plugin?

With the “Cleanly” cleaning booking WordPress plugin, you’ll have complete control over all features. This plugin includes fantastic front-end service booking forms, back-end customizations and a customer schedule calendar.


In this phase, we’ll talk about downloading the Cleanly ZIP file from the user account and collecting the license key.

1. Download the plugin ZIP file and collect the license key

First of all, you need to go to ThemeDev Account. Then, give your username and password. Click on the log-in button.


Then go to the dashboard and click the Download option to download the Cleanly ZIP file.


Now, you can download and store the ZIP file on your computer.


Now, you need to go back to the dashboard and click on Products.


Then, you land on the Manage Products page and click on Licenses.


Here you can see the license. Collect your license.


2. Install the plugin and activation

Navigate to the WordPress admin dashboard and go to Plugins.


Select Add New Plugin


 Now go for Upload Plugin.


Select the Choose File button to upload the Cleanly’s zip file.


Select the Zip file from the folder.


After uploading the Zip file click on Install Now.


It’s time to activate, click on the Active Plugin button to activate the plugin.


Here you can see the Cleanly plugin is in your plugin list.


Go for the Cleanly Booking tab to activate the license. Insert the collected license and click on Active License


Step 5: Display your booking form in a page

You can display your booking page in two ways. One of them uses a shortcode and another selects the booking page from the drop-down menu.

Here, we’ll show the two ways:

  • Using Shortcode
  • Select booking page 

Method 1: Display your booking page by using the shortcode

First of all, from the Setting option you have to copy the code.


Select Pages >> Add New Page.


Insert a page name as you need. 


Select the + icon and search for the shortcode to paste the copied shortcode.


In this following field, paste the code which was copied from the Setting >> Single form section.

Now click on the Publish button to save your new page.


You can view the page that you have recently created.


Now your page is ready to display a well-organised cleaning booking form.


Method 2: Display the booking form by selecting the page from the drop-down menu.

Now, you need to create a new page. Go for Pages >> Add New page.


Provide a page name.


Publish the page.


Go to the Settings >> Single form Settings option and select the page that you have just created from the Display form in page‘s drop-down menu. 


At last, to save all the changes that you have made, click on Save all changes button.


Now you can see you created a page with the single-step form.


Step 6: How to set up booking form data using plugin settings

From your booking form data, you can manage all the booking, information like service type, service item, packages, time and date, team member, and a custom data field. Now, we’ll show the backend setting process in detail.

Setup service types

Now, you need to click on Cleanly >> Setting. Then click on the Form Data tab.


In the Form Data section, you can set the title and subtitle of the form.


In Tax Settings, you can enable the tax settings to show the tax portion in the form. You can set a title for tax and also set up type as a percentage or a flat rate. 


If there is any service fees available for cleaning services then you can enable the Service Fees features and set a title as well as amount for it. 


Types of available services

Now go for the Types tab.


Enable the booking types section to show a types section in the booking form. After enabling you can set a title, subtitle, title for multistep form, and input type (box or select) for the service type section.


You have also the option to select the Discount Type, and Discount Form. You can also more and more service types as you want just by clicking on the Add button. 


After making all changes, don’t forget to click on the Save All Changes button. You can also reset all options to make it as before with this Reset All Option.


Like of booking

Click on Like under the Form Data section.


You can enable and disable this section according to your needs. After enabling you can provide a title, subtitle and tab title ( multi-step) for the like of booking.


You can also choose the Input Type, Discount Type and Discount form for the Like section.


You can add more Like options such as one-time, monthly, weekly, etc. in your booking form.


About your home/office /others

To create an About section in your booking form access this About your home/office /others related feature.


In this part, you can set a title, subtitle, Tab Title (Multi-step), Input Type, Icon Type, etc. for creating an About section.


You can Add more items. 


To collect customers’ home/office-related details for which they are seeking cleaning service must provide their home/office-related details. At last click on the Save All Changes button.


Extra Services

Customers may need some extra services. If you enable this option then they’ll get the scope to ask for extra service requirements. Click on the Extra tab.


You can enable this portion and set a title, sub-title, icon type. It also allows you to enable extra price display for extra services. 


You can add so many items that can be served as extra services. To add more and more items click on Add button.


After completing all the changes you need to hit the Save All Changes button to save all the changes that you have just made.


Set up a Time & Date

Now it’s a term to set up a time and date section for booking purposes. Click on the Time tab from Cleanly’s panel. 


Enable the part and insert a title, sub-title, and tab title for this section.


You can add a particular input type and different time zone to provide services.


You can set Today’s date, Limit of days, Set Weekends, and Disable Dates from the admin panel. At last, remember to click on Save All Changes.


Setup Custom Field

To create any extra field to know about the customer’s extra requirements or instructions, create a custom field. 

one_booking_system_for_cleaning_service_custom _73

Enable the section with Label, ID and Type.

one_booking_system_for_cleaning_service_custom _74

You can apply Conditional logic to create a custom field. 

one_booking_system_for_cleaning_service_custom _75

If needed, you can add more and more custom fields. After making all changes click on the Save All Changes button.

one_booking_system_for_cleaning_service_custom _76

Additional Form Data

You can add additional form data. To do so select the Additional Form Data tab.


Enable the section. Set a Discount Type (Percentage or Flat Rate).


Then set the item details like title, sub-title etc.


You can enable the multiple-choice section and icon type.


You can add so many child items and items as you need.



Now click on the discount tab to create the discount section.


Enable the section, and set up tab-title and coupon.


Insert the coupon’s title, code, discount type and amount.


Set up the Start Date and expiration date for the coupon. You can also add more coupons if needed.


Lastly, select the Save All Changes button. 


Payment/ Personal Settings

Now it’s time to set the payment section and personal section to gather customer details.


Insert a Tab title for this section and set up the booking time.


Create the fields for personal and address to collect customer details with address. Set title, sub-title, First Name, Last Name, and Email sections. 


You can add more fields according to your needs. Set the Business Country section to learn about the country.


Now you have to set up the Payment Method. Enable the section and insert the currency type, title, and sub-title. 


Select Payment gateways.

Set the Default Gateways for more convenience. You can enable the Test Mode also.


Now you can set Stripe Test Payment and Stripe Live Payment.


Set Deposit Payment. Enable the section to select Types and Amount.


Thank You page or Order Success page

From the Settings page, you need to go to Payment & Settings.


Then scroll down the page and now you can see the Thank you page setting.


You can create the thank you in a way: 

Now, we can show one method for creating a thank you page. You need to go to the Pages > Add New Page.


Then, insert the page name.


Now, you need to click on the Publish button.


You can go back to Cleanly > Setting > Payment & Settings. Now, go to the Thank You page setting. You can click on the Display form in the page drop-down and select the page.


After selecting the page, you need to click on the Save All Changes button.


Note: Customer can see order details after submitting booking and automatic redirect to thank you page.

Step 7: Now, Start booking using the form

After creating your booking page. Now, you can book your appointment. First of all, you must select the service type.


Then set up the Like of Cleaning. That means mention about how often would you like cleaning service. 


Mention the item details for having the cleaning service.


If you have any extra items for having a cleaning service then add the extra item and number as your requirement.


In this following optional file, you can add anything if you have any extra requirements.

After that, you can choose the hours and dates. Set up the first appointment day.


Then select time from the drop-down menu.


If you have any additional requirements, you can pick one from this field.


If a discount coupon is available for you then apply the coupon in this portion.


Provide your Payment details here like payment method, name of card holder etc. 


This field is the most important one. Here as a customer, you need to provide your personal details along with Name, email, address, phone number, etc. 


After completing the above procedures, to confirm your booking click on the Confirm Booking button.


After confirmation here will appear the Thank you page.


Step 8: Manage your all customer’s bookings from the backend

Now, you need to go Cleanly All booking option.


Click on a booking email that you want to check.


Now, you can see the display page.


Note: Cleanly gives more settings options to maintain the booking page from the backend.

Step 9: My Account for Customer Dashboard

My account is for users. You can manage your order from this account. For creating a user account the two ways are available. You can select the one.

Two ways to create a user account:

  • Using shortcode
  • Select the page

We’ll show you select the page method. Now, you can go to the Cleanly > Setting page.


Here you can see the My Account section.


Then, you need to go to the Pages > Add New page.


Now, you can add your title to the title field.


Then, click on the Publish button.


At this phase, you need to go back to your Cleanly> Settings. Then select your page from the drop-down


Now, you can set your page position. The page position will be before content or after content. It’s totally up to you.


Now, you need to click on the Save Changes.


Now you can see the font end view your My Account.


Note: From your account, you can manage every detail of your order from the front end.

Final Thought

Simply installing the best plugin Cleanly for creating an online cleaning booking WordPress website, will enable your business to be more adaptable in its cleaning operations.

By utilizing WordPress to build a professional services website for your business, you can connect with potential consumers and advertise your online presence.

On the other hand, a system for scheduling cleaning services based on appointments allows clients to use your company’s services more quickly and saves them time.

Finding the best plugin for cleaning service booking, on your website may be challenging given the wide range of options. Consider your options carefully and select the best WordPress plugin to meet all of your needs.

You may connect with us on Facebook and X. Also, check out our YouTube channel to view videos.

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