Best WP Plugins for Business

Best WP Plugins for Business

We look forward to exploring the top WordPress plugins of WP plugin development company ThemeDev on our blog. Having a website is essential for the success of any business in the modern digital world. One of the most widely used content management systems, WordPress, provides a large selection of plugins to improve the functionality and performance of your website. 

We can help you whether you want to strengthen security, streamline your workflow, or enhance the user experience. The best WordPress plugins that can help you grow your company will be highlighted in this blog. So take a seat, unwind, and let’s begin!

What Are WP Plugins for Business?

WordPress plugins are tinier software parts that increase the functionality of a WordPress website. They can improve the overall user experience, integrate with outside tools, and provide new features. WordPress plugins are simple to install and are available via third-party websites or the WordPress plugin repository. Contact forms, social network sharing buttons, e-commerce options, security tools, and more are a few examples of popular WordPress plugins. The WordPress repository has over 55,000 plugins, so businesses may find something to suit practically every demand.

Why Should You Use the Right WP Plugins for Your website?

Using the right plugins can enhance your website’s functionality, performance, security, compatibility, and maintenance.

Using the right plugins for your WordPress website is important because:

  1. Functionality: The appropriate plugins can add a number of features to your website that aren’t already there, like contact forms, social network integration, and e-commerce capabilities.
  2. Performance: High-quality plugins are designed for performance, which can enhance your website’s loading time and user experience in general.
  3. Security: WordPress plugins can assist in protecting your website from potential dangers including malware, spam, and hacking.
  4. Compatible: Compatibility can assist avoid conflicts and issues by selecting plugins that work with the most recent version of WordPress and your theme.
  5. Maintenance: Updating often to repair bugs and add new features, well-maintained plugins enable you to keep your website operating efficiently.

Introducing a Prominent WP Plugin Development Company ThemeDev 

ThemeDev is one of the well-known businesses that creates WordPress plugins. ThemeDev is an expert in developing plugins for the WordPress websites. A WordPress-powered website can benefit from and gain additional functionality due to these plugins. ThemeDev’s products may include plugins for upgrading the website’s security, maximizing its performance, integrating e-commerce features, boosting its SEO, and many more purposes. These plugins are made to be simple to install and use while also adapting to the specific requirements of the website. We regularly update our products to ensure compatibility with the most recent WordPress version and to address any security flaws. ThemeDev enables website owners to effortlessly increase their website’s functionality by providing a variety of plugins.

Let’s have a look at some of the feasible and popular plugins of ThemeDev in 2022.

Next3 Offload 

In order to speed up your website, the Next3 Offload WordPress plugin works to offload your media to Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, or Google Cloud Storage. You can upload any current media files you have to the cloud by integrating Next3 Offload into your admin panel. The cloud will get all media files right away, and photographs will be optimized.

With Next3 offload, you can create folders and buckets, upload files, and upload different photo sizes to the cloud. There will be a considerable impact on your page speed score, which means that you’ll rank higher in search engines like Google.


  • Offload wp-media files to the cloud.
  • Monitor your offload process from the settings page.
  • Automatically rewrites URLs.
  • Cloud Providers: Amazon AWS, Google CLoud (Upcoming), DigitalOcean Spaces (Upcoming), Wasabi Cloud (Upcoming).
  • Control pause and resume process.
  • Display percentage(%) of Cloud Storage & Local Storage.
  • You can select many files at once and select whether to copy them to cloud storage.
  • Delete them from cloud storage, or copy them back from cloud storage to the server.
  • Toggle options for move or copy files from the Media Library to the cloud.
  • Multiple sizes (Depend on WordPress Media sizes) copy & move local between cloud storage.
  • Removes all offloaded media files from the server in the background to clear up storage space.
  • Monitor your removing process from the settings page.
  • Control pause and resume process.
  • Display percentage(%) of Offload files & Local files.
  • “A single click” offloaded files loaded into WP Media Library.
  • Display into WP Media & Select file for use anywhere into WordPress (Posts, Pages).
  • Easily get your offloaded media from Cloud.
  • There is no need for scripts or the command line.
  •  Transfer files to a new storage location.
  • Add media items that already exist in the cloud.
  • Increase the speed with which CSS, JS, Fonts, and other assets are delivered.
  • Optimize site speed. So your server is no longer required to serve files like images, zips, PDFs, videos, CSS, and JS. 
  • Users can use the drag and drop system to upload their most important files.
  • The user can upload files via the AWS file management to any directory in WordPress.

Price : $49/Yearly.


NextCRM is the WordPress email marketing plugin that is both inexpensive and user-friendly. Email marketing can be integrated into a complete campaign solution. NextCRM is the most practical for creating client lists, advertising services, and making sales all from within the WordPress admin, using your preferred email sending gateway.

With the help of a variety of practical features, including Email Subscription, WooCommerce compatibility, Drag and Drop Campaign Builder, 3rd Party Multiple Providers Integration, Schedule Campaign, Campaign Reports, Manage Credentials, etc., you can easily finish your email marketing process.


  • MailChimp, MailWizz, SendInBlue, GetResponse, and Active Campaign are just a few of the services that Next Campaign integrates with.
  • Users can create multiple forms with various integrated providers and can customize or choose from pre-designed templates.
  • You are able to add and manage contacts with respective address fields under the specific list item.
  • This plugin makes managing campaigns incredibly simple. Additionally, users can create HTML templates for campaigns that will be sent via email.
  • Campaigns are simple to send, and anyone can do so by choosing from a variety of contact lists and emailing their targeted audience.  With just one click, you can send your campaign to thousands of email addresses.
  • Three different file formats, including txt, JSON, and CSV, are available for user export and import of contacts.

Price: $49/Yearly.


Cleanly is the best WordPress cleaning service booking plugin for personalizing and automating online reservations. The appointment scheduling plugin for WordPress provides comprehensive booking forms and payment methods, which raise occupancy and improve customer service.


  • On your website, you can embed a single form anywhere and edit the specific fields from the plugin backend.
  • A Multistep form can be added anywhere on your website, and the plugin backend allows you to edit individual options.
  •  You can view your booking preview, total price, sub-total, and total discount based on the information from your reservation. You can enable and disable Booking Summary.
  • The information that your client provided on the booking form is editable. You can tailor your form to your services. The most important feature is the ability to create completely customizable forms.
  •  Both single form sections and multistep form tabs can be enabled and disabled. An entirely dynamic and adaptable form will be available on your websites.
  • Based on the details of your reservation, you can view a real-time calculation.
  • Booking list filter, search, and sort;
  • send SMS and email notifications to clients and a service provider to inform them of approved, pending, and canceled appointments;
  • using the admin panel, you can quickly and easily manage your online customer list and appointment calendar;

Price: $49/Yearly.


WordPress plugins called Evental are used to manage events both on the front end and the back end.You can add capabilities for event listing to your WordPress website by using the Evental event management plugin. It is a compact, feature-rich, open source, extensible plugin.

Shortcodes are exceptionally easy to use and reuse with Evental, saving you time and enabling greater creative expression. With Evental, you can reimagine the query and filtering processes in a way that is easier, simpler, yet powerful, providing your customers with a personalized experience.


  • Your event management website will be converted by Evental into a multi vendor ticket marketplace.
  • Evental uses the Stripe platform to accept payments.
  • You can see a list of the details that attendees must submit when registering for the event in the Attendee Information.
  • Allows registration for several events and uses an event calendar to display events in daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly perspectives.
  • Compatible with the widely-known third-party page builders Gutenberg and elementor as well as visual composer and divi builder!
  • To access this plugin requires no coding knowledge.
  • To arrange numerous events, make your own custom schedules, then place them beneath one or more speakers to plan further events.
  • While preserving customer connections, use NextCRM to automate your time-saving marketing campaigns.
  • Create a single page specifically for speakers and organizers.
  • Provides unlimited single/multiple events
  • Available custom field for attendee Form
  • Completely integrates Google Maps
  • Evental provides a variety of views, including list view and box view.
  • Supports to rank highly across all major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others.
  • Creates a huge number of coupons for your events.

Price: $39/Yearly.


The WordPress plugin Washer enables users to schedule and manage appointments for auto maintenance and repair services. Appointment scheduling, confirmation and reminders, cancellation and rescheduling, and real-time updates on the status of the service appointment are among the functions that are typically included in the plugin. The opportunity for customers to book appointments online at their convenience rather than over the phone or in person increases convenience for them.


  • You can embed a single form anywhere on your website and update the particular fields from the plugin backend.
  • You may add a Multistep form anywhere on your website, and you can alter each option individually using the plugin’s backend.
  • Based on the data from your reservation, you can check your booking preview, total cost, sub-total, and total discount. Booking Summary can be enabled or disabled.
  • The data your client entered on the reservation form is modifiable. Your form can be customized to your services. The ability to design fully customisable forms is the most crucial feature.
  • It is possible to enable and disable both single form sections and multistep form tabs. On your websites, a completely dynamic and flexible form will be available.
  • You are able to get a real-time calculation based on the specifics of your reservation.
  • Allowed to use the admin panel to quickly and easily manage your online customer list and appointment calendar. 
  • You can filter, search, and sort the booking list. You can send SMS and email notifications to clients and a service provider informing them of authorized, pending, and canceled appointments.

Price: $49/Yearly.


NextCode is a simple and condensed WordPress options framework for themes and plugins. There are many different WordPress theme frameworks available. This choice framework is truly remarkable. It doesn’t offer as many options as others.  The majority of other plugins work with it.

All of the common customizing options, including fonts, design components, categories and tags, photos, and other media, are supported by NextCode. Additionally, NextCode automatically creates the necessary CSS and is compatible with Google Fonts.

  • A large number of features and custom fields are designed utilizing the OOP approach. It is a very advanced and contemporary framework.
  • Enables the creation of unique post types for your theme services or plugins. We provide a variety of setups with complex fields.
  • Enables you to create a submenu for setting the main page of your CPT. We provide a variety of setups with complex fields.
  • Allows you to apply specific taxonomy settings to every single one of your categories, tags, or CPT. We provide a variety of setups with complex fields.
  • Allows you to customize the meta box settings for each of your pages and articles. We provide a variety of setups with complex fields.
  • Enables you to add customized nav menu item settings to each of your menus. We provide advanced settings with lots of fields.

Price: $29/Yearly.


The ideal WordPress license management system plugin, NextLi has functions for handling subscriptions, conducting and grading quizzes, receiving money, and maintaining the content of your online courses, among other things.

To make sure that your company complies with all required enterprise licensing and end-user license agreements, NextLi is important. Effective NextLi keeps track of all this and offers tools that might assist your firm in avoiding software license violations and the fines that come along with them.

It is a comprehensive WordPress themes and plugins manager that may assist you in managing your plugin’s license, download and activation statistics, sales, and more.If you want to secure each license information and generate a cache with log history into your server, activate such an effective plugin in your WordPress site. You will get proper security services with plugins. 

Among available softwares, plugins and other systems, NextLi is the preferable one. As some of the other plugins are more expensive and have less features and functionalities.


  • NextLi creates a cache with log history on your server and save each license’s details.
  • NextLi generates a unique license for each distinct domain, and the user is only permitted to use the license it produced for the domain.
  • Customers can access a customer dashboard option in NextLi where they can download product files, receive order confirmations, and more.
  • For controlling User Dashboard and Other Features, use NextLi’s settings.
  • To control both single and multiple licenses for each transaction. Add several domains, and purchase fresh licenses for each one.
  • NextLi will include additional functionalities not present in this plugin, such as API files to interact with your server.
  • NextLi offers an API to verify a product’s license. The user can activate or revoke licenses via the API.
  • NextLi is perfectly designed to handle these tasks, so the developers may concentrate solely on their coding or other development-related responsibilities. 

Price: $49/Yearly.


With gooMaps, adding a location to your WordPress website is effortless. The most user-friendly map plugin is gooMaps, which offers configurable, complex, and simple maps. GooMaps allows you to create any kind of map you can think of. You can include many other maps like this in your websites.

Selecting the plugin that will best meet your demands is the first step if you are prepared to install a suitable plugin to incorporate Google Maps on your website. This makes the outstanding WordPress plugin gooMaps a great recommendation.

  • The most user-friendly map plugin is gooMaps, which provides maps that can be customized and range from basic to advanced. You can create any kind of map with Google Maps. gooMaps allows you to create virtually any type of map. You can incorporate a variety of these maps into your websites.
  • Utilizing gooMaps’ super features, you can create intricate maps for your business locations so that clients can find them quickly.
  • Allow users to choose whether the direction’s start or finish is at their current location on a map. Your directions can have however many waypoints you require. Every waypoint might have its own map marker. There may be a separate map marker for each waypoint.
  • Site administrators can easily create routes between locations and view them on a map.  The user interface of the route can be easily customized on the backend.
  • Without a doubt, our gooMaps plugin, which supports multiple countries, is compatible with WPML. Therefore, employing a guided marketing approach makes clients from all over the world feel more at ease.
  • Site administrators can quickly display multiple maps on one page. Our plugin produces 100% responsive maps on every single one.

Price: $39/Yearly.

Final Thought: 

Are you facing trouble running your website because of limited effective plugins? Visit ThemeDev’s website and learn more about the most efficient plugins with a huge number of features and functionalities. These plugins can serve you highly with better quality and functions. 

Get your required plugin and make your website more workable. 

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