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10+ Best WordPress Plugins For Online Salon Booking [expert Pick]

10+ Best WordPress Plugins For Online Salon Booking [expert Pick]

WordPress does not include a built-in appointment scheduling system as standard. You have two options. You can incorporate a third-party standalone booking software on your WordPress site. Or, you can use the best salon booking plugin for seamless appointment scheduling. These are usually less expensive and easier to maintain. 

You’ve come to the right spot if you’re looking for a customizable WordPress booking plugin. It simplifies appointment scheduling for your visitors. It automates staff scheduling and accepts online payments.

In this article, we focused on and researched dozens of choices. We also tested the top competitors. Then I narrowed it down to these 10 + WordPress online salon booking plugins.

What should you look for in a WordPress salon booking plugin?

When looking for a WordPress salon booking plugin, consider those that meet your specific requirements. A great plugin installs into your website. 

You need to choose a WordPress salon booking plugin. It should optimize the appointment scheduling process. It also improves the client experience and helps you build your salon business.

You can select a WordPress salon booking plugin based on the factors. The plugin with the factors facilitates appointment scheduling.    

For a better understanding, you can follow how to create a salon booking WordPress website.

Let’s look at the best WordPress salon booking online plugin.

1. Salonly

salonly best salon booking plugin

Salonly is a WordPress plugin for booking salon appointments online. Spas and beauty salons use it. A calendar system can help you manage your clients’ appointments. It can also help you manage your employees’ working hours. 

This plugin has simple, practical features. Users can use them to make the salon servicing process go faster. Salonly’s backend options are very simple to use. This allows you to handle the order forms and all associated data.

You can see a real-time calculation based on your reservation information. The full reservation price, any relevant discounts, and the final net total make up this. You can set up a Stripe-Card, WooCommerce Checkout, and Cash or Offline Payment.


  • Manages client’s booking and employee’s working hours by scheduling a calendar system.
  • Customers prefer the convenience of being able to schedule appointments whenever they choose.
  • Sends automated email messages to clients and employees regarding appointment confirmations, reminders, and follow-ups.       
  • Allows you to choose specific pages to display a single or multi-step form for customers to confirm reservations.   
  • Customers can go to Account Settings, modify orders, and download invoices.
  • Using your reservation data, you can inspect your booking preview, total cost, sub-total, and total discount.
  • Enables the functionality that allows clients to see available booking slots and select the one customer requires.  
  • Create reports on appointments, sales, and other parameters to evaluate business performance.


  • The plugin’s free version isn’t available. But, it has well-organized documentation for customer


  • The basic plan starts from $149.

2. Booknetic

booknetic best salon booking plugin

Booknetic is another appointment-scheduling plugin for WordPress. It allows you to customize and automate online bookings. Your salon business will be flawless with this plugin.

Booknetic has a strong information section of your booking form, 4 forms are displayed as default. The forms are name, surname, e-mail, and phone number. If this information is insufficient for you, you may request extra information from your customers. This information varies according to your business type.

The booking form has seven steps for making an appointment. You can show the booking form with the pre-selected service, crew, and venue. This plugin helps to create an event booking website.


  • Allows for customization and automation of online bookings.
  • Customize the WordPress appointment booking widget by adding a form builder, changing the design, and selecting from pre-built forms.
  • Schedule meetings with your clients straight on Zoom. 
  • Google has connected Gmail and Google Calendar, allowing you to create calendar events directly from your emails. 


  • This plugin isn’t free.


  • The basic plan starts from $79.

3. BookingPress

bookingpress best salon booking plugin

BookingPress is a full-featured appointment booking plugin. It allows you to easily set up a complete booking system on your WordPress website based on your needs. It allows you to choose to do an online salon business.

BookingPress provides a super easy interface. You don’t need to coding knowledge for this plugin. It provides easy customization. So, you don’t need to expert in design skills.

It provides online payment gateway integration with PayPal. This plugin provides instruments to make your booking pages follow the GDPR compliance rules.


  • The Service Package Addon enables you to construct a package of several services.
  • Offers customers discounted rates on the total package, attracting a larger audience.
  • Using the Cart Addon, you can enable your clients to select multiple services at once.
  • Using an invoice extension, you can easily generate invoices, collect orders, and manage your finances.
  • The tax percentage specified here will be included in the final payment at the time of booking an appointment.


  • It doesn’t allow block-off time on the calendar so a client does not book when staff is not available.


  • The basic plan starts from $0.

4. Salon Booking System

salon system best salon booking plugin

The Salon Booking System is a user-friendly appointment scheduling system. It helps your business get more reservations on your website. It saves you a lot of time with agenda management.

This plugin provides professional services by appointment, on the same date, and to a single individual per reservation. It is appropriate for the salon business.

From the backend calendar, you can view monthly, weekly and daily view. This plugin synchronizes reservations with the salon administrator’s Google Calendar account. Salon administrators can add and cancel reservations from their Google Calendar accounts.


  • Enable to add/edit reservations from daily view.
  • Block out time slots from the daily view.
  • Email notifications for new reservations.
  • Limit the amount of services bookable at the same time.


  • The online payment isn’t available on the free version.


  • The basic plan starts from $0.

5.  Amelia

amelia best salon booking plugin

Amelia is a popular WordPress plugin for scheduling hair salon appointments. It is a simple yet effective automated booking expert. Your hair and beauty salon website allows customers to choose stylists, study procedures, and arrange appointments ahead of time.

Furthermore, it allows you to customize your booking form with areas such as first and last names, email addresses, service preferences, assistant selections, sensitive information, additional notes, and more. This makes it easier to personalize the booking form to a specific business, such as a hair salon.


  • Allows you to communicate with your clients and employees promptly using SMS text messages.
  • Capable of customizing personnel combinations, individual service breaks, and work hours.
  • Create one-time-only days with distinct working hours and service schedules as soon as possible.
  • Customers can book tickets to events by checking popup details, timings, and availability for the events you’re marketing.
  • An intelligent dashboard and reporting allow you to keep track of how your firm is performing. 


  • There is no payment service in the free version.


  • The basic plan starts from $0.

6. Simply Schedule Appointments

simply schedule appoinment best salon booking plugin

Simply Schedule Appointments, the most popular booking plugin, is suitable for all businesses. However, it is also suitable for the hair salon sector.

Furthermore, it is simple to manage your time and demonstrate your availability. It displays your availability by day, time, and appointment type, allowing you to maximize your schedule. You can also restrict who is available on special occasions such as holidays and birthdays.

This plugin allows you to customize it based on your preferences. Your schedule form will let you add new fields and inquiries.


  • Change the fonts, colors, and other elements to better represent your organization to those looking at schedules.
  • You’ll receive automated confirmation emails and SMS reminders.
  • Receiving money in advance with the connection of Stripe and PayPal.
  • Allows you to create timetables for several employees. Allow each employee to manage their availability and calendar.
  • Control the availability of resources required for appointments.


  • Book time slots up to a specific capacity.


  • The basic plan starts from $0.

7. Bookly 

bookly best salon booking plugin

Bookly is another WordPress plugin that allows for automatic online booking and scheduling. It’s also ideal for hair salons, where you can manage your clients.

In addition, anyone can easily set up this plugin. No coding skills are required. Following that, you can quickly change the layout and style of the booking form.

Your booking form’s category, service, and employee fields can all use predefined values. Alternatively, you can construct your custom fields. You also have the option of displaying or hiding a certain field.


  • Manage your customer list and appointment schedules online with the admin panel.
  • Send SMS and email messages to you, your clients, and others when appointments are approved, pending, or canceled.
  • Allows you to add an unlimited number of clients to your searchable customer list.
  • Adds endless services by specifying extra parameters such as padding time, visibility, restrictions, etc.


  • There is no online payment option in the free version.


  • The basic plan starts from $0.

8. WP Booking Calendar

wp calendar best salon booking plugin

WP Booking Calendar was the first booking system for WordPress. Use the all-in-one booking system on your WordPress site. It handles full-day bookings, time-slot appointments, and events.

This plugin offers an easy-to-use booking system for displaying calendar availability, accepting bookings from website visitors, and managing bookings via a modern and simple booking admin panel.

Furthermore, with the ability to integrate bookings with other services, Booking Calendar keeps you up to date and prevents duplicate bookings.


  • Add a booking form or availability calendar to your page.
  • Define days availability in just a 3-mouse click at the booking availability page.
  • Easily change your booking form fields and add time slots as needed.
  • Receive notifications about new appointments and manage them in a sleek admin interface.


  • There are no multiple booking resources in the free version.


  • The basic plan starts from $0.

9. WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin

appoinment best salon booking plugin

MotoPress Appointment Booking Lite is a free WordPress plugin. It lets you schedule appointments. It’s the best WordPress appointment booking plugin. It’s for both large and small service groups. These include beauty salons, barbershops, teachers, therapists, etc.

It can meet your business needs. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a chain of organizations, this is true. Visitors to your website can schedule appointments step by step using the mobile-optimized booking form widget. 

Regular clients can also log in to their accounts to make recurring appointments quickly. You can send automated email notifications and reminders to clients and staff members prior to and during the appointment. Additionally, there is an optional premium extension that integrates Twilio for SMS notifications.


  • Works with businesses with multiple locations and services.
  • Allows you to add and modify unlimited services and workers.
  • Add a WordPress appointment booking calendar. Within the appointment scheduling form, select all services at once.
  • Approve or decline incoming bookings automatically or manually.
  • Custom email reminders before and after appointments.


  • Only shows the booking form as a widget instead of a full page.


  • The basic plan starts from $0.

10. Booking calendar, Appointment Booking System

booking calendar best salon booking plugin

The Booking Calendar plugin is easy to use. It’s a helpful tool for making reservation systems for your WordPress site. You can create any form of scheduling calendar in only a few minutes.

This plugin is an essential tool for every reservation website. The Scheduling Engine is a useful tool for making any kind of scheduling system. It can handle hotel and restaurant booking. This plugin provides a salon, meeting room, and travel schedule. It also handles service and seat scheduling, auto rental, and event booking.


  • Create new Scheduling Calendars, and change or delete existing ones.
  • Approve, reject, cancel, delete, or simply see reservations.    
  • Select multiple bookings and change their statuses.
  • Changes the user permissions for this plugin on all pages.


  • Integrated with only PayPal.


  • The basic plan starts from $0.

11. Scheduling Plugin

scheduling best salon booking plugin

The Scheduling Plugin is a WordPress booking plugin. It helps people and businesses manage customers. It helps them book more appointments and market their services.

This plugin works with the Start Booking cloud platform. It powers online booking and shows your services or classes on your WordPress site. With Start Booking appointment booking, you’ll find a good mix. It has WordPress admin’s booking capabilities.


  • Customers can quickly arrange appointments and services.
  • Integrates this plugin with popular calendar apps.
  • Manages and offers a wide range of services with different durations, prices, and availability.
  • Keeps customers up to date with automated email and messages for appointment reminders, confirmations, and rescheduling updates.
  • Set specific rules and limitations for your reservations, such as minimum or maximum lead times, cancellation policies, or booking requirements.


  • Requires the Business Edition (which is costly) for many employees and resources.


  • The basic plan starts from $0.


In summary, excellent options abound in today’s WordPress plugin scene. We’ve featured ten expert-picked plugins in this article. They are your secret weapons for a better WordPress experience. 

They cover many needs. These include adding features and improving friendliness. But, the ideal WordPress plugin depends on your specific requirements.

These plugins allow you to personalize, streamline, and enhance your WordPress site. Think of them as your key to establishing a unique and effective website. It is time to begin your WordPress journey and create something truly unique.

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