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Top 7 Google Maps WordPress Plugins

Top 7 Google Maps WordPress Plugins

Do you want to integrate Google Maps on your website? You’re in the right place. The Google embed code makes it simple to include a basic map. Yet, the best WordPress Google Maps plugin provides far more functionality.

The best WordPress Google Maps plugin allows you to add markers to locations. You can also filter the interface. You can also create custom icons, layers, instructions, and much more. 

Aside from that, they allow you to tailor your maps to the needs of your website. Then, using shortcodes, you can place your maps wherever you choose.

In this article, we’ve compiled the best Google Map plugins. They will make it simple to integrate Google Maps into your WordPress site. This will allow you to make use of everything this tool has to offer. Let’s get started.

Why you should Google Maps plugin on your WordPress website?

Google Maps is a web-based application. It gives detailed information about locations and areas all around the world. In addition to typical road maps, Google Maps provides aerial and satellite views of numerous locations.

Google Maps makes it easier for customers to find your store or other location. Using Google Maps on your WooCommerce website will increase trust and loyalty among your clients. As a result, you will gain more customers. This will enhance your sales and grow your business.

Here are some important reasons why you should use the Google Maps plugin for your WordPress website:

  • To promote your business, you must initially build trust with your clients. Google Maps will assist your consumers in discovering your location.
  • Customers will also save time finding your location using Google Maps. This can encourage them to visit your shop more often.
  • Google Maps is the most convenient way to communicate with your consumers. Customers can find your company’s phone number and other information on Google Maps.
  • It will help to attract potential clients immediately.
  • Users can get information about the company and perform research from there. Users may research and discover more about the company.

Let’s look at some of the best Google Maps plugins.

Top 7 Google Maps WordPress plugins

Google Maps is useful in a variety of ways, even if you do not have your website. It is a program that uses satellite data to assist clients. It helps people find your business. Include defined routes and surrounding landmarks from your starting point.

If you want to integrate Google Maps, the Google Maps plugin is the ideal way to add maps to your site. You can also follow how to integrate Google Maps on WordPress.

Now, let’s look at the best seven Google Maps plugins that will help you significantly improve your site.

1. gooMaps

gooMaps is a powerful and customizable WordPress Google Map plugin for multiple locations. This plugin’s shortcode allows you to include a responsive, custom, interactive, and personalized Google map, map widget, or store locator in your WordPress pages or posts.

There are no issues with iFrames, and it is straightforward to use. gooMaps is a customized Google Maps plugin for contact pages. It also refers to routes and delivery places.


  • You can easily map multiple locations on Google Maps. Enter their addresses or latitude and longitude.
  • Add unlimited multi Map markers for each waypoint in gooMaps.
  • To add your store, use the Google Maps “Store Locator” shortcode/functionality.
  • Include several map markers in the map such as descriptions, links, pictures and icons.
  • Allow visitors to use the map location as the starting or ending point for directions.


  • This plugin free version is not available. But it has rich documentation.


  • The basic plan starts from $49.

2. Easy Google Maps

The Easy Google Maps WordPress plugin allows you to create Google Maps in under a minute. Google Maps markers can include any form of media. This includes videos, photographs, links, and written descriptions.

You can add Google Maps with a shortcode, open it in a popup, or use the Google Maps widget. An all-inclusive solution for showing Google Maps on your contact page. It also displays routes, real estate listings, delivery zones, and more.


  • An unlimited amount of map markers and places.
  • Map markers include media descriptions like text, image, video, email and phone.
  • Completely responsive.
  • Adjust all the options for Google Maps and markers.


  • It’s upgrade version is expensive.


  • The basic plan starts from $0.

3. MapPress

MapPress is the simplest way to integrate amazing dynamic Google and vector maps into WordPress.

With Gutenberg blocks or the old editor, you can make an infinite number of maps and markers. The popup map editor makes it simple to build and edit maps.


  • Add maps to any post, page or custom post type.
  • Marker clustering.
  • Responsive maps.
  • Popups with custom text, photos, images, and links.
  • Google overlays for traffic, bicycling and transit.


  • There is a limited feature in it’s free version.


  • It’s pro version starts from $79.

4. WP Go Maps

The most user-friendly Google Maps and Open Layers Map plugin is WP Go Maps.

You can easily add a customized Google map, map block, or Store Locator to your WordPress posts and pages using the given shortcode. There is no fuss and no iFrames. Perfect for contact page maps, routes, delivery area maps, and anything else you may think of.

The WP Go Maps Elementor map block integration allows you to easily create maps in Elementor. You can also create map blocks and map widgets right out of the box. There’s no need to compromise the map widget has the same functionality as the map’s blocks.


  • Using it does not require any coding, making it super easy.
  • Create as many map markers as you need by typing in the address.
  • Edit map markers with the click of a button.
  • Drag map markers to an exact location.
  • Google supports Maps Streetview.


  • The free version has limited features.


  • The basic plan starts from $0.


The most advanced and user-friendly Google Maps plugin is WP Maps for WordPress. You can create elegantly styled, modern, and responsive Google maps.

This plugin allows you to include multiple locations. You can also use custom marker icons and marker categories. You can add custom Infowindow messages and photos. It enables the marker category filter on the front end so that users may filter the locations.


  • GDPR-compliant, with secure and privacy-conscious Google Maps integration.
  • Create multiple Google Maps. Each map should have different marker icons, categories, and locations.
  • Add infinite places and information.
  • Assign many places to a single Google Map.
  • Display an information window message at any location.
  • Map Marker Infowindow Open with a mouse click or hover.


  • The pro version plugin contains some additional features.


  • The basic plan starts from $0.

6. Maps Widget for Google Maps

Maps Widget for Google Maps creates a great map with an image and lightbox within a minute.

The interface makes creating and customizing maps simple. Not only that, you’ll be able to save the maps in a library with specified settings. Later, you can retrieve them for reuse, with or without altering them.

There is a lot you can do while making maps. For example, you may alter the maps’ position and zoom level. You can add various places and markers. You can also change the color and proportions. Or, select one of the default map styles available. You can also use your own CSS to style the maps.


  • Fully alter Google Maps sizing.
  • Get 1500+ map pins library.
  • A variety of Google Map color patterns.
  • Multiple map views: street, satellite, terrain, or hybrid.
  • Custom marker icons.


  • The free version isn’t feature-rich.


  • The basic plan starts from $0.

7. GEO my WordPress

GEO my WP plugin uses the powerful Google Maps API and OpenStreetMaps. You can geotag any of your post types, BuddyPress members, and other components using the GEO my WP plugin.

This geo-location plugin allows you to add places to your posts and pages with a few clicks. The advanced search feature is versatile. It allows users to set radius values, units, and custom taxonomies for various post kinds.

GEO my WP makes it easy to create a location-based website. You can use it for real estate, events, directories, classifieds, or social networking.


  • Works with all post types to add location.
  • Works with BuddyPress to add location.
  • The search tool includes the ability to search by city, zip code, and custom address types.
  • Embedded auto locator determines the user’s current location and indicates nearby locations.


  • Its pro version is expensive.


  • The basic plan starts from $0.


Now that you’ve learned about the best Google Maps plugin for WordPress, it’s time to choose one. But, which one should you choose? The one you choose is most likely to meet your requirements.

Many high-quality map plugins are available. We hope our condensed list of the best WordPress Google Maps plugins helped you narrow down your options. We hope you find the one that best meets your needs.

Please inform us if you have any questions or recommendations; we would love to hear from you.

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Hafsina Sheherin Rimi

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