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Best Elementor Addons for WordPress

Best Elementor Addons for WordPress

Elementor addons are the WordPress Page Builder plugin that offers users a unique web designing experience. Elementor addons are plugins developed specifically for the Elementor platform by talented, third-party developers. They increase Elementor’s functionality and enrich the user’s experience. These are not mandatory, but if you’d like to enrich your design you should try them out. Elementor Pro offers even more features in one easy-to-use package.

10 Best Elementor Addons

  1. Next Addons for Elementor.
  2. Happy Addons for Elementor.
  3. Element Pack.
  4. Droit Addons.
  5. Essential Addons for Elementor.
  6. HT Mega
  7. Live mesh Addons for Elementor.
  8. The Plus Addons.
  9. Qi Addons for Elementor.
  10. ElementsKit.

Next Addons for Elementor

The ultimate Addon for building websites with Elementor High robust Elementor widgets for designing creative websites. Next Addons has Exclusive & Unique Features.

Features of Next Addons:

Next Section scroll: Next section Scroll will add an extra dimension to your website. When you have a long page with plenty of sections, you don’t need to go through the whole page from top to bottom.
Image Masking: Basically, image masking is a technique of image editing. It is applied to hide some unwanted elements from an image, but the quality remains original. In many cases, a square or circular-shaped image can’t be the ultimate solution to create a good design in element. 
Header & Footer Builder: The header and footer areas are the backbones of every website. Header & Footer builder of Next Addons plugins allows you to create a layout with Elementor then you can set it as a header/footer or use it as a custom block easily on your website.
Next Custom Column: when you will work with plenty of columns on your web pages, you must have to set a column order for all responsive modes. But Elementor page builder does not give you that access.
Next Custom Motion: The motion Effects feature will give you the opportunity to decorate your website more catchy. It is defined as a powerful group of tools for creating eye-catching scrolling & mouse animations, that also include perfect parallax effects.
MegaMenu Builder: If you are concerned about building an outstanding Mega Menu to your website then the Mega Menu builder of Next Addons will give you that opportunity. You can use Mega Menu to create incredibly stunning navigation menus for your website.
Next Custom Icons: Next custom icons will give access to get 500+ beautiful line icons. You can use those customized icons based on your specific needs on the website. We will add more demandable icons to our icon library. Please keep updating to make it better and more useful.

Happy Addons for Elementor

A Powerhouse of Interactive, Super Fast, and Scalable Design Systems Bring Your Creative Web Designing Imaginations to Life with Happy Elementor Addons – a complete package for every level of users. With its extraordinary features, now you can do stuff once possible only by professionals.

Features of Happy Addons:

In addition to widgets and functionality, HappyAddons offers a wide variety of readymade Elementor Design Templates. You’ll receive more than 400 section blocks and 70 full-page Elementor templates so you can start working on web design right now.

Element Pack

The Element Pack Pro addon is loaded with all sorts of features that will help you build any kind of website on any niche at any time. This plugin takes the lead in terms of performance while offering 250+ features suitable for both personal and agency needs.

Features of Element Pack:

Elementor is a great drag-and-drop page builder that can turn any website into an awesome tool. If you’re looking to make a stunning blog, an eCommerce shop, or a business website, Elementor can help you design and construct your dream site without having to write any code!

Droit Addons

Droit Elementor Addons is one of the latest and up to date Elementor addons out there. This extension of the Elementor page builder is full of exclusive features.

You can take your website to a whole new height with this one of the best addons for Elementor. In addition to the feature richness, this Elementor addon has very creative and modern design options.

It offers a bundle of creative and stylish presets that are very useful for designing a website.

Droit Elementor Addons is currently offering the free version only. The free version comes with 17+ widgets. You can see the full widget lists here. 

All of these presets come with control options to give you the freedom to customize these tools as per your requirements.

You can customize the overall look and feel of the widgets with options such as typography, background color, border, shadow box, margin, padding and more. With these control options, you get limitless opportunities to customize your website easily. 

Droit Elementor Addons have the following key features: 

  • 17+ beautifully crafted addons
  • 50+ total styles to choose from
  • Fully free for lifetime
  • Fully responsive widgets and blocks
  • Powerful and versatile controls
  • Unlimited section nesting
  • Blazing fast loading

Droit Elementor Addons have been designed for beginners and pros alike. With the help of this add on, you can take your website to the next level. 

Essential Addons for Elementor

Add powers to your page builder using our easy-to-use elements that were designed to make your next WordPress page and post design easier and prettier than ever before. Use pre-made templates and reactions that come with Essential Addons and design your website to stand out from the crowd.

Features of Essential Addons:

In addition to the built-in creative elements that come with Elementor, Essential Addons offers you additional for free. It allows you to create beautiful websites without having any coding knowledge. Unique and advanced aspects are included in advanced page creation experiences. EA premium parts enable you to create your website from top to bottom like a PRO web developer.

HT Mega Addons for Elementor

Elevate your website effortlessly with HT Mega, an exceptional Elementor add-ons plugin. Its extensive features empower you to effortlessly manage menus, pages, and content while customizing your site’s appearance and capabilities

Feature of HT Mega Addons:

Powerful Widgets: HT Mega offers 110+ widgets both free and pro that you can use to enhance your website. These widgets serve different purposes and include page, popup, media, display, portfolios, footer, header, info, and events widgets, as well as advanced essential widgets like photo, info, and event widgets. 

Portfolio Layouts: HT Mega makes designing a portfolio website incredibly easy by providing 3 professionally designed portfolio layouts. The plugin also includes numerous customization options to make the process even more straightforward.

Page Templates: With over 170 pre-made templates, HT Mega simplifies website design. No coding knowledge is required, making modifications easy and straightforward. 

Intuitive Theme Builder: Create Custom Pages with ease using HT Mega Intuitive Theme Builder. This plugin comes with a user-friendly drag-and-drop theme builder that allows you to quickly and easily design custom pages according to your preferences. 

Megamenu Builder: The Megamenu Builder feature allows you to use Elementor to create custom menus and mega menus that can be used on pages and widgets. You can choose from various styles such as header menu, drop-down menu, toggle menu, and social menu using the built-in nav menu builder. 

Sales Notification: HT Mega has a widget to show notification popups that reflect purchases of your items. With this feature, you have the option to display real or custom orders through a sales notification or popup. 

Post Duplicator: With this feature, you can make an identical copy of pages or posts. This includes duplicating regular pages, blog posts, and any other custom posts. This can be done quickly and the copy will be saved as a draft.

Header/Footer Builder: You can use this feature to create a header/footer layout for your entire website or just for a single page. You can choose a preferred header/footer for either the whole website or a specific page/post. 
Cross Domain Copy Paste: Streamline your workflow and save time with our cross-domain copy-paste feature. Easily transfer content between domains with a simple click.

Live Mesh Addons for Elementor

Live mesh Addons for Elementor features a huge collection of premium, easy-to-use yet highly functional extensions that can be used in Elementor page builder. This is really a premium plugin that you can get for free.

Features of Live Mesh Addons:

Live Mesh Addons for Elementor is a powerful tool that can help you create more beautiful and engaging websites. If you’re looking for a way to extend the functionality of Elementor, then Live Mesh Addons is a great option. The free version of Live Mesh Addons includes over 30 widgets, and the premium version includes over 100 additional widgets. This gives you a wide range of options for creating complex and visually appealing websites.

The Plus Addons

Creative & Innovative Addons To Supercharge Your Elementor Collection of 100+ Powerful Elementor Widgets, 18+ Templates, 300+ UI Blocks, and Amazing Listing Builder for Post Types to surprise your clients with amazing Websites.

Features of Plus Addons:

Plus Addons has a variety of new widgets and modules to extend the capabilities of the Elementor page builder. These could include advanced typography, image galleries, animated headlines, pricing tables, countdown timers, and more.

Qi Addons for Elementor

The largest free Elementor addon collection Brought to you by a bestselling WordPress author, the award-winning. Qi Addons has 60 free widgets you can customize for your online.

Features of Qi Addons:

Qi Addons for Elementor introduces a wide range of new widgets and modules that you can use in your Elementor designs. These could include advanced sliders, pricing tables, animated headlines, post grids, forms, testimonials, accordions, image galleries, and more.


ElementsKit is the all-in-one Elementor add-on that has every widget and extension you need. You can customize, enable, and disable them, plus you can reduce the load time on your WordPress sites. It’s the best add-on pack for the Elementor page builder, and it gives you the freedom to do whatever you want with it by extending Elementor’s functionalities.

I can suggest that you can use this Next Addons plugin

Next Addons is the best Elementor WordPress Plugin. Powerful Elementor plugin to create beautiful websites for your Business. Our years of experience in design and development help to bring you a well-crafted set of widgets that brings some elegant look and feel to your websites, and that comes without spending too much time.

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