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7 Best Car Wash Booking WordPress Plugins You Can Use in 2024

7 Best Car Wash Booking WordPress Plugins You Can Use in 2024

Running an automobile and car wash business can be challenging especially when it comes to scheduling vehicle wash and repair appointments. Various car wash booking plugins for WordPress can help you speed up the appointment-scheduling process.

Are you looking for the best car wash booking plugins for your WordPress website? You’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ll talk about the best car wash booking plugins you can use to receive and manage car wash booking. Using any of these plugins can help you handle booking for car washing, increase your profit, and improve your customers’ user experience. However, before discussing the plugins,  we’ll tell you why should you use car wash booking plugins for your WordPress website.

Benefits of Using Car Wash Booking Plugins for Your WordPress Website

If you own a car wash service, a well-organized website can help you work more efficiently. Anyone can now use WordPress to design a clean service website, so there are no more excuses not to have one.

Small and medium-sized business owners like you can use WordPress plugins to create a high-quality booking page without the need to design an expensive fully customized platform. You can also change the website’s appearance at any time.

Below are some important reasons why you should use a vehicle wash booking plugin for your WordPress website:

  • A booking management WordPress plugin for your car washing business will enable you to schedule appointments via a website or booking platform. This feature makes it easier for your customers to plan appointments and relieves your business staff of the burden of answering phones.
  • If you use a car wash booking plugin, it can send automated reminders to deal with no-shows. These reminders can be sent by email, SMS, or in-app notifications. It can help your clients stay informed and on time for their appointments.
  • Many car wash booking plugins have customizable booking forms, which allow you to collect the information you require from customers when scheduling an appointment. This may include information such as the type of service necessary, the make and model of the vehicle, and any unique requirements.
  • Booking management plugins provide reporting and analytics tools that help organizations track their performance and discover areas for improvement. Metrics may include appointment bookings, income, and customer feedback.

7 Best Car Wash Booking WordPress Plugins

Now that you know the core benefits of using a car wash booking WordPress plugins, it’s time to learn about a few of the top plugins you can use to manage booking for your business. Have a look at all the plugins we have featured below and find out the most beneficial one or two that suits best for providing the car wash service.

1. Washer

washer car wash booking plugins

Washer is the most comprehensive and user-friendly WordPress booking plugin for car wash and repair services. It supports creating the most effective and automated way of online booking for car wash and repair services.   

This plugin works with a calendar system to handle scheduling. It supports online payments, service package options, and customer account administration. 

This plugin can manage vehicle types and access backend settings from the front end. As an administrator, you can add an infinite number of different vehicle types.


  • Manages scheduling responsibilities to make their appointments online, freeing them up to concentrate on other elements of the business.
  • Customers can easily schedule and pay for appointments online, eliminating the need for phone calls or in-person visits.
  • Stripe and WooCommerce Payment (coming soon) are a couple of configurable payment gateways.
  • Customers pay the bill with Stripe-Card, WooCommerce checkout, cash, or offline payment.
  • Sets the single/multiple car service booking form on any of your selected pages for customers to confirm booking. 
  • The Discount Coupon feature allows you to specify a coupon code. 
  • Control vehicle types and access backend settings via the front end.


  • The WooCommerce billing isn’t available yet.


  • The basic plan starts from $149.

2. Simply Schedule Appointments Booking

simply schedule car wash booking plugins

Simply Schedule Appointments is an easy-to-use layout and numerous intriguing features. It allows you to provide a wide range of booking services. It is appropriate for the vehicle wash booking service.

You can easily manage your time and demonstrate your availability. It shows your availability by day, time, and vehicle type. It lets you allow to plan your time more effectively.

This plugin makes scheduling products or services easier for clients and customers. You can configure this plugin according to your tastes. Your schedule form will allow you to add new fields and inquiries.


  • Customize fonts, colors, and other aspects to enhance your organization’s image for schedule viewers.
  • Receives automated confirmation emails and SMS reminders.
  • Stripe and PayPal integration allows for early payment receipt.
  • Allows you to construct timetables for several employees. Allow each employee to manage their own availability and calendar.
  • Control the availability of the resources needed for appointments.


  •  Book time slots up to capacity.


  • The basic plan starts from $0.

3. Bookly

bookly car wash booking plugins

Bookly is another WordPress plugin that enables automatic online booking and scheduling. It’s also great for running a car wash booking website and managing your clientele.

Anyone can easily set up this plugin. No coding experience is necessary. Following that, you can easily customize the layout and style of the booking form.

Your booking form’s category, service, and employee fields can all have predefined values. On the other hand, you can create your own fields. You can also choose to display or hide a certain field.


  • Allows for online management of customer lists and appointment calendars.
  • Send SMS and email notifications to yourself, your clients, and others when appointments are authorized, pending, or canceled.
  • Add an unlimited number of clients to your searchable customer list.
  • Adds limitless services by setting additional parameters like padding time, visibility, limits, and so on.


  • The free edition does not offer online payment options.


  • The basic plan starts from $0.

4. WP Booking Calendar

WP booking calendar car wash booking plugins

WP Booking Calendar was the first booking system for WordPress. Use the all-in-one booking system for your WordPress website. It manages full-day bookings, time-slot appointments, and events.

This plugin provides a user-friendly booking system for displaying calendar availability. It receives bookings from website visitors and manages bookings using a modern and simple booking admin interface.

Furthermore, with the ability to combine bookings with other services, Booking Calendar keeps you informed and avoids repeat bookings.


  • Include a booking form or availability calendar on your page.
  • On the booking availability screen, you can define days of availability with just three mouse clicks.
  • Easily edit the fields on your booking form and add time slots as needed.
  • Receive notifications of new appointments and manage them in a streamlined admin interface.


  • The free edition lacks multiple booking resources.


  • The basic plan starts from $0.

5. WordPress Appointment Booking Plugin

WordPress appoinment car wash booking plugins

The WordPress Appointment Booking plugin allows you to plan appointments. It is the greatest WordPress appointment scheduling plugin. It offers both large and small service groups. These include car washes and repair services, barbershops, teachers, and therapists.

It can fulfill your company’s requirements. This is true whether you are a solitary entrepreneur or part of a larger business. Visitors to your website can arrange appointments step by step with the mobile-optimized booking form widget.

Regular clients can also log in to their accounts to schedule recurring appointments quickly. You can send automated email notifications and reminders to clients and staff members before and during their appointments. In addition, there is an optional premium extension that incorporates Twilio for SMS notifications.


  • Suitable for enterprises with many locations and services.
  • You can add and edit an unlimited number of services and workers.
  • Include a WordPress appointment booking calendar. Select all services at once on the appointment scheduling form.
  • Accept or deny incoming bookings automatically or manually.
  • Custom email reminders are sent before and after appointments.


  •  The booking form is displayed as a widget rather than a full page.


  • The basic plan starts from $0.

6. BookingPress

bookingpress car wash booking plugins

BookingPress is a fully equipped appointment booking plugin. It enables you to simply create a complete booking system on your WordPress website based on your requirements. It allows you to start an online salon business.

BookingPress offers a very simple UI. You do not need coding knowledge to use this plugin. It allows for easy customization. So you don’t have to be an expert in design.

It integrates PayPal as an online payment channel. This plugin provides tools to ensure that your booking pages satisfy GDPR compliance guidelines.


  •  The Service Package Addon allows you to create a package of multiple services.
  • Customers receive cheaper rates for the entire bundle, drawing a wider audience.
  • Using the Cart Addon, you may allow your customers to select many services at once.
  • An invoicing extension allows you to effortlessly generate invoices, collect orders, and manage your finances.
  • The tax percentage selected here will be included in the final payment when you book an appointment.


  • The inability to block off time on the calendar prevents clients from booking when staff members are unavailable. 


  • The basic plan starts from $0.

7. Scheduling Plugin

scheduleing car wash booking plugins

The Scheduling Plugin is a WordPress booking plugin. It enables individuals and organizations to better manage their clients. It enables them to schedule more appointments and promote their services.

This plugin is compatible with the Start Booking cloud platform. It enables online booking and displays your services or classes on your WordPress website. Start Booking offers a solid variety of appointment booking options. It has WordPress admin booking capabilities.


  • Customers can quickly schedule appointments and services.
  • This plugin integrates with common calendar apps.
  • Manages and provides a diverse set of services with varying durations, rates, and availability.
  • Automates email and SMS notifications for appointment reminders, confirmations, and rescheduling updates.
  • Set unique criteria and restrictions for your reservations, such as minimum or maximum lead times, cancellation policies, or booking requirements.


  • For large numbers of staff and resources, the Business Edition is required (which is expensive).


  • The basic plan starts from $0.

Final Thought

The need to use car wash booking plugins for your WordPress site has never been bigger. It makes managing and organizing appointments easier, freeing up hours of your time for other important tasks.

Overall, Washer is our top choice as it helps you develop extremely functional and user-friendly booking forms that will delight your customers and help them take your car washing service easily.

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