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5 Ways to Improve Customer Experience

5 Ways to Improve Customer Experience

Business profits now fully depend on online platforms. So online-based customers are a crucial fact. And you need to pay full attention to engage more and more customers by maintaining a proper customer experience. 

One of the most important strategies for every online business is to improve customer experience. Increased customer acquisition, loyalty, and retention are directly influenced by your website’s secure and seamless operation.

There are different ways to improve customer’s experience on your website. All these ways are important and efficient. To have a better user experience, you must analyze and maintain some common facts.

In this article, we ‘ll share 5 ways to get better results in improving customer experience. Continue reading if you’re looking for strategies to improve web performance to enhance user experience. 

1. Make Sure the Pages Load Quickly

Page load time means the time that takes for your website to load in a visitor’s browser. Anything more than three seconds, in Google’s perspective, is too lengthy.

Speeding up your page load is essential to enhancing user experience and sales performance because there is a 20% decline in conversions for every second that your mobile page takes to load. Additionally, it helps with better SEO, which helps your website rank higher in search results.

Your website traffic is directly impacted by page loading speed. People anticipate that websites will load quickly. In the absence of this, page abandonment rates start to rise.

The majority of the variables that affect load time can be changed. This includes:

  • Select a web host that provides high-performance. 
  • Install limited plugins for your website and remove the plugins that are not applicable for the site.
  • Compress and optimize the images that are used for the site. 
  • Use caching tools .
  • Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

2. Ensure Simple and Clear Navigation

Users are directed to information using menus, text links, and call to action (CTA) buttons on your site. The user experience is enhanced when navigation is streamlined to be as simple and clear as feasible.

Organizing the website and creating as many sections as you can is the secret to easy navigation. Additionally, you can lower the number of pointless website clicks.

Additionally, avoid using features that detract from the user experience for your potential customers, such as auto-scrolling or arbitrary pop-ups. Your website should be incredibly simple for users to navigate.

Your site’s menus are an essential component of site navigation and are probably where visitors start their search for what they need. You may improve it by following some advice, which includes:

  • Limiting the items of the main menu and providing only the most important pages .
  • Using drop-down menus as little as possible.
  • Integrating quick links in the footer of the website, which serves as a secondary shortcut for navigating.

3. Availability and Customer service

If a website has server issues, it becomes a terrible and irritating experience for your site’s visitors and customers. It is very important to make sure the website’s availability when your customers need it. 

Most of the time customers cancel their deal or account and move to another website when your website becomes unavailable. For this reason you must have to monitor your website and select high availability web hosting service 

Another important thing is providing proper customer services. We must create a  strong customer service provider team so that you can serve your customers for any issues.  Your team must be available and expert to provide 100% support. 

If your customers can have proper support available for their needs then you must grow your site’s user experience. 

4. Security

For a website to remain active and secure for users, website security is essential. If your website’s security isn’t properly maintained, hackers may exploit it, take it offline, and steal confidential data. These could significantly harm the consumer experience, cause financial loss, and ruin the reputation of your brand.

Vulnerable code, poor access controls, and out-of-date CMS and plugins are a few common security risks.

Utilizing the most recent versions of WordPress, plugins, and themes is the most fundamental security precaution you should implement. Use a strong password for your admin login and impose tough password restrictions on your users.

It is advised to utilize an SSL certificate to show the authenticity of the website to browsers. HTTPS is used by websites that have SSL certificates (connection security). You may either buy it separately from your web host or get it for free from several web servers.

Despite the fact that the WordPress core includes certain security safeguards, dependable security plugins can assist you with proactive security monitoring, file scanning, malware scanning, firewalls, brute force assault protection, and more.

Also there are some WordPress plugins like Next3 Offload that provide great support to store all data of your site and other functions regarding the website’s security purpose. 

5. Optimize UI design to improve customer experience

Content and design both are important for a website. Maintain a balance and suitable design for your website that is relevant to the components and content of your website. Proper design will largely help you to great customer experience.  

Even if your website has the most valuable material, if it is presented in designs that are, at most, poor, you will never motivate your visitors to take action.

The days when people only wanted the bare minimum in terms of user experience are completely gone. People enjoy spending time on websites that are attractive, sophisticated, and effective. A minor spelling error that goes uncorrected for a long time can be harmful for you.

The look, feel, and interactivity of your website are referred to as its user interface. Layout, usability, and intuitiveness are common user experience factors taken into consideration by web designers.

By carefully analyzing every visual and interactive feature the user might see, it’s imperative to make it as intuitive as feasible. After all, these elements have an impact on how your clients view your brand and their interaction with your website.

As said before, if the page takes longer than three seconds to load, half of the visitors depart. Create a website that is simple to use and offers ui without adding a lot of weight to the page load.

Here are some ideas for UI design that will improve web performance and the user experience for your visitors:

  • Avoid using unusual fonts; popular fonts typically have cached versions and open quickly. Utilizing Google fonts is the best course of action.
  • Use accordions for pages with a lot of material since they can segment the content and only load when consumers have read more about the topic.
  • Use a progress bar animation to offer a time estimate when a longer loading time is required. 
  • Ensure that the company’s contact details are clearly displayed in numerous locations.
  • Your logo should always be displayed.
  • Have a visually appealing design.
  • Make sure the colors are supporting the content alone and are not distracting.

6. Make sure the website’s content is of the best quality.

Undoubtedly, having quality content is a terrific method to increase sales and improve customer experience on your website. Write your content in tiny, manageable chunks after breaking it down into concepts.

The more intriguing the website copy, the better; neither should it be dull. Tell your readers how your product can improve their lives through the article.

Even if it doesn’t seem like it, customers are watching. You might only need one little spelling error to make your “target market” on social media laugh at you.


When a business makes simple errors like information or spelling, people are less likely to trust them. Even if there are tools available to help you minimize errors, it is preferable to engage a qualified proofreader to handle your demands. To improve your material, you may also utilize free programs like Grammarly.

Verify the grammar of the writing on your website. It must be devoid of errors and clear enough to be comprehended with only one reading. The process of creating material can be sped up by using a variety of technologies.

Final Thought

Increasing the experience of customers on your website might lessen their annoyance and encourage them to come back. But unless you actively improve your website to provide value and exceptional customer service, this is difficult to have positive impact on customer experience.

With so many useful plugins readily available, improving site performance is simple to put into practice. It’s your turn now!

Try a cache and security plugin, use a host with a high uptime, improve your user interface, and constantly check your website for broken links. You can implement these simple measures to give clients a better experience.

Mehrin Ferdous Meem
Written by

Mehrin Ferdous Meem

Mehrin is a content writer of ThemeDev who prefers to write about tech products, travelling, health, food, lifestyle, marketing, technology etc. She also works for creating video. She has completed her Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering. Her hobbies include blogging, reading, cooking etc.

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